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    Same here, the hardware has really held up well and webOS still amazes me everyday!!!!
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    Had a launch day Pre. 6th in line. Had to trade it for a refurb a couple of weeks ago because of a crack by the USB port that was making it's way into the touchscreen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by d.moss View Post
    really couldn't just wait three more months for the actual birth date huh? just haaaaaaaaad to be 1st.. :/
    Actually, I'm hoping for the next, best webOS phone for our actual birthday.
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    Same here...first one to get a launch day Pre earlier Saturday morning, still have it, and haven't put it down or looked at another since. Sounds almost like marrying your the phone almost gets that much attention I like it so
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    Yuuuuup, me too! Still on my first Pre since launch day. I like the Pre even more nowadays. I don't miss my Treo 755p anymore. I don't even miss PdaNet, although I wish I had tethering on my Pre.
    Sprint 755p, 700p, 650 - I am not a geek! Really!
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    My phone is not going to make it much longer.
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    Few people have been more critical of the Pre than I. I bought back on Sprint launch day and I've had to replace it a ridiculous number of times for a wide array of hardware issues and limitations in the software and battery life constantly frustrated me.

    But the latest refurb I got back in October has been going strong for the last 5 months with just a little divot on the screen. Otherwise, the hardware has been solid with no problems. No battery issue. No screen discoloration. No power button issue. No reset issue. No keyboard issue. No slider issue. No USB port issue.

    And the software has been steadily improving. No, we haven't gotten an update that brings the Pre anywhere near the smoothness of even a first generation iPhone but it is at least usable. And while Palm hasn't overwhelmed anyone with improvements to the core software (I still have some problems with EAS and the core apps are still pretty slow) fixing the app space issue and the addition of video recording, OpenGL games, and native plugins are very nice.

    Battery life is still bad but it is better than it was when I first got the device and at least I can usually make it through the day if I don't use it too much.

    Add in the 55 homebrew patches I have installed to makes things work the way they should and I'm pretty happy with my Pre right now and use it more than the Hero I bought to replace it. Heck, I never thought I'd say this but there is even a good chance I'll buy the next webOS device on Sprint if Palm lasts long enough to launch it (but I'll definitely wait a few months after launch this time)!
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    Bought mine launch day. Didn't have to stand in line, because the store I bought from had customers make appointments. Still have the original phone, still very happy with it. Each update has made it better, and the nice thing is they don't appear to be ready to stop.
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    I was a launch day for iphone 3G,
    I was a launch day for Pre. I stood in line for both.

    The launch day for the pre was like waiting for my first jump out of an airplane. It was something innovative and something cool.

    I love my pre (it has faults) but it totally rocks. It's growing and it is evolving and it's next incarnation will be even better. There is nothing about it now I can't live with, but that is my personal opinion.
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    I own my pre since june 6 too! ......bout 8 am in the morning the lady at the shack told me you are our 1st custumer. was waiting for launch day for a few month...btw before my pre i own a i580 from motorola as you can see in my pic. palm is my fist smart phone and i just love it
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