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    Too many cards isn't an issue, the issue or a better word - problem - is the OS's memory management. That's what needs addressing. The too many cards error does exactly what it should, warn the user when there isn't enough memory available to launch another card.
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    I would like to be able to dim or darken the Clock when the PRE is on the Touchstone. I find it too bright to leave on at night... I don't need a nightlight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irocdaspot513 View Post
    I was havin the lock screen issue but after removing a few patches my lock screen was straight..i dunno exactly which one it was..could have been one of the browser ones..
    When I installed the 1.4 OTA update on my clean Verizon Pre Plus I had no issues. Added back in PreWare and installed the "4X4 icons V4 No Arrows Plus More" patch - still no issues. I later installed Music (Remix) and started having the Lock Screen no longer showing the time or faded background w/ notifications - just whatever was open underneath.

    I removed the "4X4 icons V4 No Arrows Plus More" patch using PreWare and my Lock Screen was back to normal after the Luna reboot... FWIW
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    Okay, here goes my list:

    Too Many Cards
    Web Page Reloads if away for too long/doing too much

    NEW WITH 1.4
    Memory Critical
    Ongoing Web Page Reload issue now clears out that card's browsing history
    Forward Gesture gone
    Screen Lock w/o Reset Freeze
    Picture Scrolling repeats previous image (3rd Party and Palm's Photos app, too)
    Camera Shutter sound delay
    Phone Fails to Answer Calls
    Tap/Hold "phone number" in web page for context menu overrides text navigation and highlighting while in a text field (really annoying when it isn't even a phone number)
    In Universal Search, Enter Key no longer defaults to Google search, instead returning search terms as a badly formed URL.

    That's all I can remember for right now, but I know I'm forgetting a couple.

    @30 patches installed. Removed 5 phone patches, but some functionality still remains. Also USCL and USCL Memo patch. I'll try a full Doctoring [soon] and test before I reinstall things.
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    Added to the above list:

    Browser unable to load very large images
    Long delay in waking up device
    Apps sometime launch as if they're first-run
    Unable to save GIF images to device
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    I do not have any of these issues,,in fact,since the update I have not got a single to many cards,and my battery is better,and I use full websites with no problems,,all better since the update. So from my point of view I hope they don't screw with anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zmann View Post
    I do not have any of these issues....
    Are you saying that you can still perform a forward swipe to move forward in the browser history, can view very large images (I don't mean full websites) in the browser, and can save GIF files to your device from the browser? Also, do you have a Pre or a Pre Plus?

    As a graphic designer, I collect logos from across the web and I'm not happy that I have to revert back to taking snapshots of the screen.
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    a bunch of patches installed, but I had uninstalled them prior to main issue is 'too many cards', mostly when i'm in the homebrew apps, no themes...
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    • video recorder freezes
    • camera/video app loads inconsistently
    • music apps (Music Player, Remix, Slacker, Grooveshark) stall/fail to playback after camera/video app is used, requiring restart to fix (*inconsistent, but frequent)
    • significant lag in waking device with power button.
    • some "recorded" videos aren't recorded
    • some recorded videos only have audio and a frozen image
    • significant lag and occasionally complete failure of universal search. (e.g. type in "photos" and nothing shows up in universal search.) (*inconsistent, but frequent)

    for the record, I think 1.4 is a huge step forward in a number of ways, and I still adore the phone. Hope it helps, Palm

    P.S. no patches or themes installed on this phone, ever. Phone was first updated OTA, then Doctored, as I've always had some wonkiness with OTA updating.
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    i would like to add the forward gesture in the browser in 1.4.1 on my list
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    Quote Originally Posted by bryantdunivan View Post
    i would like to add the forward gesture in the browser in 1.4.1 on my list
    Didn't it used to be there? The forward gesture needs to be added to every app imo.
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