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    I got my new pre in the mail today and got antsy and activated the new one before taking off the pictures and music off my old pre.

    I turned on my old pre and it went directly to "set up new palm profile", I tried to set one up so I could get to the "USB drive" and get my photos off (music is backed up on my computer), but it wont let me finish the new profile cause its not activated, it needs "a network", and the phone will not let me go any further.

    I plugged it into my computer and it shows up as a drive, but evertime I click it, the "insert drive" box comes up and it wont show anything from the pre.

    So, my question is: is there a way around the above to get the pictures off the phone, without having to activate it again and do the same old crap again on both phones?

    On a side note, my palm profile put all my contacts on the new pre all my apps from the app store was restored, which was awesome. All I have to do now is get the quick installer up and put on all the patches and homebrew apps.
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    I'd say try powering it off then plugging it into your computer. hold the volume up button and power it on. Hold the volume up button until the screen shows a big usb symbol. This is all just a theory since I haven't done this to access the usb drive (i have for webosdoctor though) basically it forces it into usb mode so in theory it should work.

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