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    Why does webOS 1.4 or previous versions of the OS consume so much memory!? When the Pre was designed, I wonder did Palm experience memory leaks this bad; and yet still determined that 256MB of memory in the Sprint Pre was enough. I cannot seem to multitask much without phone freezes, "Sorry, Too Many Cards," or restarts. Things became worse with the OS 1.4 update. Strangely enough, my battery life has improved significantly and I don't experience any other problems, except I cannot use my yahoo mail account on my phone, but gmail works fine. I can only work one app at a time due to memory leaks and phone freezes, so I feel like I have an Iphone when I wanted and chose the Pre for multitasking. Please Palm fix the memory leaks.
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    hmm i don't seem to have that problem. base memory consumption dropped from 23mb to 14mb with no cards open (JSTop), and i can multitask just fine, except for games. when i start the game first, i can start other cards as well, but when i have some cards open, i get the too many cards error.
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    For me it's been good and bad since 1.4.
    example;had pandora running and launched Xplane helo, it paused pandora and started loading helo, I just unpaused pandora and they both ran seamless together, then I crashed and burned with music!

    Other times I'll only be using the browser(no other cards open) and too many cards error comes out of nowhere.
    Stock PRE and have no answer to your question, sorry.
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