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    I'm not a Troll. I have had my Pre since July and I think it is a beautiful device and my wife has a Pixie and has never been happier with a phone. But if Palm is going to get out of this hole that they are stuck in they are going to need to get a strong set of apps made for these WebOS devices.

    The PDK coming out next week seems to me to be their final step to making WebOS devices a strong player in the market. Clearly their plan for this first year has been to make the Pre the "iPhone of the other carriers." Lets look at the facts of how Palm has positioned it's products since launch:

    1. They want to address the major issue people have with Apple/iPhone. The closed eco system. WebOS is way more open.

    2. iTunes sync. Though it didn't last, it was clearly part of the plan to make the Pre the media/phone device that isn't on AT&T.

    3. The Touchstone. Is there anything more Apple like in the mobile phone world that isn't made by Apple? I'm really surprised Apple didn't come out with something like this years ago. There is nothing better then being able to come home and plop my phone on my charger without having to deal with cables.

    4. The PDK. Taking Apples strongest asset (it's apps) and moving them to WebOS. Look, the iPhone would be nothing without it's apps.

    The genius part about the PDK is that there is nothing that Apple can do about preventing developers from porting their apps to Palm devices, unless they start kicking them out of the iPhone App Store. Palm is safe from Apple's litigious shenanigans. The big question is will developers use the PDK?

    If the PDK does start a strong migration of developers co-developing for iPhone and WebOS then I think Palm can overtake Android and possibly Blackberry. Plus with a the potential hardware refresh coming this summer they could have 3 really strong device levels that appeal to a large audience (Pre for those that want a keyboard, Pixie for more basic users, and C40 possibly a larger slate style phone or side slider).

    I hope that Palm can make this PDK work. The thought of giving up my Pre and my touchstone make me shutter . . . but if the apps don't start rolling in by this summer I suspect that my eyes will start to wander. Android?

    Just my 2 cents.
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    I feel the apps are coming along at a good pace, 1000 apps in the first 6mos(not so great) and almost 700 more in alittle over 2mos. Apps seem to be coming faster and faster and the types of apps are getting much better/more fun/more useful. Aslong as all the naysayers are wrong about palm and they hang around for awhile, we'll have plenty of apps for anyone to use and enjoy. All that said, we are lacking some key apps but that's bound to change in the near future.

    You want like 1000 apps a week or what?
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    I'm not a big app person, but I havr noticed that there are some big apps that are missing from the palm catalog. I hope that they concentrate on the bigger named apps and get those in soon.
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    It's none of those things - they are all factors that would impact on people who have a phone, Palm's bigger problem is that people are simply passing over the devices and buying something else. For whatever reason (and there are various reason suggested), WebOS and the devices has failed to build on the initial buzz and is now an also-ran in regards to the smart-phone marketplace in terms of presence, share and potential.

    This does impact the apps in the sense that developers are going to be hesitant in diverting resources and people from development from successful platforms for one that is seen to be weak and maybe will not be around in a couple of years.
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    As far as my experience, 99% of the apps for iPhone are stupid. I don't even care about them. The remaining 1% contains ones that are either already implemented, are on schedule to come out, or, not ready yet. I can wait.

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    I'm not looking for any specific quantity of apps, but the 1% of quality apps that the iPhone has is a lot of apps (taking into account the definition of a "quality app" and the arbitrary number of 1%). Given that I would also say that 99% of the apps we have on WebOS are crap and only 1% are quality. So where does that put us? Still way behind.

    @CGK As far as the this platform being overlooked by people, why else would a resonable and informed consumer pass by Palm devices for an Andriod or Apple phone? The Pre is less expensive on Sprint then iPhone on AT&T, is more intuitive then Android, is as powerful as many Andriod and iPhone phones. So what else is there? I agree that many of the less informed public will follow what they see on TV. But when you look at the overly informed public (tech podcasters, tech bloggers and tech journalists) they all say that WebOS devices are good, but they don't own them or consider them a real force in the market. I would argue that if the "right" apps were on a Palm Device and a few of the major "tech celebs" owned them, then the rest of the public would follow.

    I want nothing more then for this platform to make it (and make it big). I love the style, form, and ease of use that Palm has given me with the Pre. I just want it to be more productive (for work and play). My post was not a slam on Palm, but my way of publicly hoping this PDK makes a big splash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ego2001 View Post

    That's the thing though, the webOS apps lack both.
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    apps also help sell phones... Prospective buyer asks....

    "Does it have a voice recorder app for quick reminders?" (esp while driving), No.

    "Does it have an Audible Audio app for audiobooks? I've had an Audible account for years, so I really want an Audible app." No, Audible isn't supporting webOS. ...but, is you convert the files to mp3 and get a "homebrew" app... the salesperson begins. The customer stares at the salesperson, "Huh?"

    "Well, does it have the eBook app?" I've got a collection of eBooks I'd like to have accress to"...., No, they're not supporting webOS either. But, again if you download a homebrew installer.... (This conversation would only occur if the sales rep even knew about homebrew in the 1st. place.)

    "What about the new Vonage app I see advertised all over, for BB, iPhone and Android?" um, no, sorry.

    Shazzam?, Bar code scan reader, Google Navigation - Latitude - StreetView? Well, no, no and sorta kinda, ...if you pretend to be an iPhone. ;-)

    Most sales reps, would just show the customer a BB or Android phone.

    (Heck, most reps would just START with the other phones, and not bother trying to sell the webOS phones.)

    Nope, main stream, corporate supported, apps help drive sales in a big way. webOS is lacking that support.

    I love home brew, but it doesn't sell phones like mainstream apps do.
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    I can only count 19 apps on my ipod touch that the pre is missing. I only keep the quality apps and not the dumb ones, considering the lack of some hardware like the mic, I would add about another 5 or so apps that I would've had if I had the iphone, so basically 25 in total. Considering there's 100,000 apps in the app store, all a typical user needs is a tenth of a percent of what's available from apple.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anus1220 View Post
    That's the thing though, the webOS apps lack both.
    I have found plenty of good quality apps but that's part of the problem, we all have different needs and uses for apps.
    That's the only reason we need please everyone!
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    our facebook still sucks. No notifications,my engadget won't let me view comments anymore,the youtube app is horrible,hope this gets an update soon..only apps I'm findin very useful are preware,precentral,trapster,quick system tasks,all music apps. We need better ones...the wow factor ones,hope we can make one out of flash access so we can really beat out iphone apps since dey don't have flash
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    I hope the new phone has a gesture area!!!!!! It's so signature
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    its not the apps that keep the phone from selling. with the iphone, there are probably no more than 20 must have so apps (excluding games). The phone is simply not selling because the uninformed public doesn't care about it. You don't sell a lot of devices marketing your devices to techies and moms.
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    @Mhunterjr Are you saying that features mean nothing. It's all advertising?
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    Quote Originally Posted by litt View Post
    @Mhunterjr Are you saying that features mean nothing. It's all advertising?
    I would say so. I mean, isn't that how the iPhone blew up in the first place? The first one lacked A LOT
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    There are a few factors that are holding WebOs back and one of them is definitely the Apps. While there are many coming in, the apps that we get are mostly mediocre. The styling and format of the apps have a lack luster feel to them. When compared to the best that Iphone has to offer, the best WebOs has to offer falls short.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mhunterjr View Post
    The phone is simply not selling because the uninformed public doesn't care about it. You don't sell a lot of devices marketing your devices to techies and moms.
    Yes, it is all about advertising/marketing. You can have great features, but if nobody knows about it, it ain't going to sell. Likewise, a total POS can be a hot item, if enough buzz and hype is put out there in the media.

    The many "commercials Palm should have made" on YouTube do showcase the features. Viewers have left comments like ... "wow, that's pretty cool", "I didn't know it could do that" or "were all those apps running at once?". Why isn't Palm getting that message out? The sales people in stores certainly aren't telling people about it .... they are busy shoving Droid in everybody's face. You got to flood the media and create the buzz.

    The app body-count mania is an issue. But, it's only because of perception. People don't seem to care that of 10,000 apps, 9,500 are pointless, useless or redundant. That's hard to change.

    Also, I really think that the whole "phone for mom" thing had a negative affect on Palm sales. All of a sudden everything Palm became something for girls.
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    Personally, I could care less about the apps. I want a phone that works, most important thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by litt View Post
    @Mhunterjr Are you saying that features mean nothing. It's all advertising?
    Advertising has a LOT to do with it. You can have all the features in the world, but that means absolutely nothing if nobody knows about your product. Look at Apple...."There's an app for that". Look at Droid...."Droid does". People remember these and that's why they buy the products. The advertising makes them think they are buying the best product out there even though they may not be. Now where is Palm in all of this....they aren't. If you want to sell your product to the general public, you need to think like the general public. If Palm wants to sell these things, they need a catchy slogan that people will remember and they need to show WebOS in action doing things that people will see and say, "Wow, that's great. I wish my phone could do that."

    As far as apps go, you also need to think like the general public. People see that the iPhone has 100,000 apps compared to 1,600 for WebOS. Which is better? It makes no difference to people that there are 100 different apps for the iphone that do the exact same thing. They just see that there are way more apps for the iPhone (and Android) so they think that's better. I think what Palm needs to do is go down a list of the 100 most popular iPhone apps and make sure all of these apps are on WebOS as well, even if it means approaching the developer and offering to pay them to make the app. Then they need to advertise the fact they have these apps and how you can do more with them on WebOS.
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    The apps are arriving faster and faster, due to my therey of "CRITICAL MASS", once there are enough PRE's sold and enough apps to make programers beleive the PRE is here to stay, the apps total has hit Critical Mass. Apparentkly 1,000 apps was the Critical Mass # since, it took half a year to get to 1,000 and then only 2-3 months to add 700!

    Inspite of Plam's finanical issues, apps will keep on arriving at a fast clip. Palm has proven webOS as a keeper and G-D forbid if Palm goes under, it will be snapped up by another firm and the webOS form will continue.

    HOWEVER, I THINK THE PRE II WILL BE A MUCH BETTER SELLER and then apps will arrive faster and faster.

    I do have to agree with another poster, most of the apps on the IPHONE are a waste of time. For example, a pizza hut app, is a self serving app, that truly should not be counted, yet it is and so are so many more that do nothing but give you the phone # of the local pizza hut (or what ever).

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