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    My physical keyboard does not illuminate, see the history below.

    Before 1.4
    - When I first received my Pre, it has and the keyboard illuminated
    - I installed Preware and the keyboard stopped illuminating.

    -I decided to doctor the phone back to The keyboard illuminated.
    -I installed 1.4, keyboard illuminated.

    After 1.4
    -Installed Preware again, the keyboard does not illuminate.

    I assume that its the Preware and Patches that may be causing this. Any suggestions? Any ideas? Maybe there is a patch or application that will turn it on again?

    Its not a big deal, the only reason I really want is using the phone at night. In a cab, dark bar, etc.
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    get brightness unlinked. Should fix it. In preware as an application. You use brightness @ 1%?
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    Thank you! But one problem.

    It works if I open the application. When I close the application and tap to run in the background, it stops working. But if I open the app again, the keyboard illuminates.

    Great solution for the rare times I need it lit up, thanks. Not perfect but its homebrew, I'm happy.
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    np, a reboot does not set it straight?
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