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    I'm curious.

    Who here still has the little flap door that covers the USB port on the side?

    I have always thought that it would get broken off with as much as I plug it into my lappy to charge and use my "My Tether", but it's still going strong.

    Has anyone broken theirs off?
    Anyone remove it (if so how)?

    I feel that I want to remove it, but I'm afraid that it will ruin the feel of the phone in my hand. Is it possible to remove it and replace it at a later time?
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    Still have mine... they do break off if you aren't careful. You can remove them if you want as they are only held in place by a little tab. You can (I believe) replace them at any time if they do break off by getting a replacement from Palm - which others have done.
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    Maybe this will help everyone out with this previous poll, enjoy
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    Mine's fine. I don't really use it all that much, I don't tether (use wifi on my netbook if I need something bigger), change music once a week, twice tops, that's about it. Seems sturdy enough. My 800w memory card cover is much flimsier, and I'd swap the cards out every day, pretty much, its still going strong. That one would have been a big problem, since without it, the card wouldn't stay in.
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    I just got my Pre yesterday so of course it's still on. Usually I would take them off my phones but I think I'm going to keep iit on this time.
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    My last Pre door broke off, this current one is top notch and feels strong
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    still on, all good.
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    Yep still have mine. I have a touchstone but dont use it much. so i use the USB door everyday.
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    Lost mine a week before 1.4 update
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    i hardly use mine
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    Lost mine recently. I was pretty bummed about it at first, but now I find it more convenient to NOT have the cover. It makes charging easier. Obviously it doesn't look as sleek now that the USB port is exposed. Oh well.
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    Haven't lost it yet, mainly because I charge on a Touchstone.
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    got the pre on november 09, still have the little weak door. i dnt have a TS.
    when i first saw that thing i thought it wasnt gonna last long, but i guess it has proven me wrong!
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    Still have mine- original June Pre!
    And I use it everynight- no Touchstone here!
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    still on since launch,tease it out,don't yank it!
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    its still doing the job but I have to admit I am a touchstoner
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    I actually took mine off yesterday. It got too annoying, after 9 months, and I said the heck with it.
    I likey take apart thingies....
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    I'm glad to hear that the USB flaplasts, because I jusy go my Pre and that was one of the things that I was worried about.
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    My phone still has its flap after 9 months. I have a touchstone, so I don't use the USB port much -- mainly for accessing WebOS Quick Install and for charging when I am traveling.
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    i use it since october every day and still have it. you need to be quite clumsy to break it
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