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    My first Pre had a nasty crack at the USB door that went across the screen (2 weeks old - got it 2 weeks after launch since the Sprint stores couldn't keep them in stock) and it fell off

    My current Pre still has the door...

    Plus I kept the door from my first Pre just in case my current Pre's door falls off
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    I've had my Pre for about 7 months and the door is fine, I never had any problems with it. My friend actually ripped his out and then was able to place it back in and it worked perfectly.
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    Still on
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    don't have mines..dont need it either...but it did last 3 months
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    Still have mine.....owned since September
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    Had my Pre since August. No touchstone. Still have the door, even though I use it multiple times every day for charging. The first few days, I never thought it would survive the week. I have noticed a very small hairline crack at the top left corner of the opening, but so far it has not extended to the front of the phone.
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    Mine never broke, just fell out after about 2 months. Honestly if I were getting a new Pre I'd just rip it out from the start. You don't even notice the door's gone and it saves you 15 seconds of opening it every time you want to charge or connect to a PC.
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    I still have mine. Charging my phone by touchstone helps, but I use the USB port for WebOSQI and charging the phone while tethering on my car.
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    Mine just came off (launch day phone). How do you get a new one from Palm?
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    still got mine.... have owned my pre since thursday of this week. LOL!
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    Still got mine.. In a baggy somewhere. It fell off long time ago and I left it off because it was a pain to mess with.
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    Daily use 9 months now, still OK
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    my usb door fell off and got lost last July...don't really miss it.
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    Damn, I must be the only person to yank theirs off on purpose. Not even on like 2 weeks since I had the phone. I just pulled it off and it is alot easier for me.
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    If I hadn't had the money for the touchstone, I would have taken it off too, removable or not. There is a thing called a "utility knife" that works wonders. Pain in the **** for a guy with fat fingers and short fingernails to get open.
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    I lost mine while chargeing it in I then stole my moms door lol and now she's looking for hers
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    It broke off & I lost it.
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    I've had my Pre since October. I use the USB cord all the time (don't own a touchstone and use mytether occasionally). The door is still on and as solid as ever.
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