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    Hey there.

    I was wondering if anyone who spliced their install had problems doctoring to the real Bellmo file.

    If so.


    Just follow the wipe guide thats posted elsewhere.
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    I didn't have a problem, but I doctored from hybrid 1.4 to 1.2.1, then doctored to, then I did an OTA update to 1.4 Probably not the quickest way, but I wanted to start clean.
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    The quickest way I can think of is using the Bell 1.4 WebOS Doctor... but I don't know if that's out yet.
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    using straight up 1.4 killed the installm. My phone would boot up and lock at palm logo ....

    had to boot it up a hardboot.
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    I've used webosdoc and I didn't have any problems. The battery holds long enough (i got it out of the socket at 6 AM and now at 1.20 AM still has 37% juice left - it is the stock battery however i don't use preware)

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