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    Ok guys, I'm not a developer just a sample accountant who love webOS but hates his pre's performance.

    I've noticed that PDK games open a lot faster than regular webOS apps. Not only that, the navigation within these apps are instantaneous. Wouldn't WebOS perform better if the phone, email, web browser, contacts, and messaging apps were converted to PDK?
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    Nope. Doesn't work like that.
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    im pretty sure the pdk games utilize the gpu along with the cpu which is why they run faster and if the gpu was implemented it would definitely speed up the overall ui
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    How many contacts do you have?

    I think WebOS needs to learn to better manage huge amounts of data. That might be slowing the phone down for some people. I don't have too many myself. Maybe about 130 or so with fb included. My phone is zippy enough? 1.4 made it a non problem. They just need to remove the 10 pixel threshold on swipes IMO. give me 1:1 movement on windows.
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    some apps.. epocrates is very fast. Newer apps like digloo and badkitty are fast too.

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    It's really dependent on the App, a well written clean app with efficient loading will appear very fast and snappy, and require much less memory, while one which is thrown together without regard to this will make the whole system slow.

    The PDK will provide nice apps which will run faster just by their compiled nature.
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    @ Blatherdrift I have about 500 contacts. My pre performance is inconsistent. My phone app for instance open instantly sometimes with multiple app open. And sometimes it takes as much as 3-5 seconds with no apps open. And this app happen for most apps.

    It's just the inconsistencies in performance that frustrate me.
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    webOS 1.4 definetly sped things up. And as others have mentioned, leaving apps your frequently use open in card view is a great solution.

    Also, if they ever get around to making the 600MHz or even 720 or 800Mhz patch work with 1.4, you could always try that. You'll get a nice boost from those!
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    600mhz works fine with 1.4
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    Tcub> The 600 "simple patch" does work....the 720/800 mess with the EVDO after 1.4.

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