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    OK...First of all this is not a bash on palm pre...
    My thoughts are do you regret going from the iphone to Palm pre?
    The iphone is a near perfect product with a MINUS bc of multitasking. I am on the edge of switching to the iphone when my contract ends because i am sick of MY laggy Pre (Careful I said Mine not everyone's pre). Even when i doctered it. I can't even play any games because i get this stupid "TOo many Cards error". But this thread is not about me bashing my pre... i just want to know if you guys regret switching to the palm pre so I know if I should keep it or switch. Thanks
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    i like my pre better than any phone i have owned... none of which were all that great, but i blame sprint for that one
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    it is what it is. Different folks different strokes. I like the phone a lot. Just the same I think I would enjoy any platform out there.. (iphone, droid)
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    I don't regret switching. I like the Pre better than the iphone. However, I am also annoyed by the lag and will consider switching to Android if the lag does not improve when Palm comes out with a new product or when I'm eligible for a new phone.
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    the iphone really doesnt do anything on its own that the competition doesnt its only with 3rd party apps that it manages to stand out while IMO the pre has a fantastic os to keep me using it
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    Quote Originally Posted by brennan7 View Post
    i like my pre better than any phone i have owned... none of which were all that great, but i blame sprint for that one
    Well said. That's exactly how I feel about my Pre compared to my other phones over the years.
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    Sounds to me like you need the 1.4 update. If after that you still find it laggy, well I can't help you.

    I haven't had the iphone, but I'd never move to it because of my work. I NEED multitasking for work. Can't give it up. And the hardware keyboard. Oh and I prefer the form factor too. And in the industry I work in, I see iPhones all the time and they are not without their problems. Just yesterday, a production assistant was complaining about her iphone. It would shut down randomly. She thought she had a virus. It's not a virus. It's a problem with the phone. And she's not the only one. She started a very interesting discussion with all of the iphone owners I work with. Each and every one of them had at one point returned their phone for some reason. If you want to move to the iphone because you think they don't fail, you may be surprised.

    I'm not bashing the iphone. All I'm saying is that it is not a perfect phone. The pre isn't perfect either. It really comes down to what you need. If you are having problems with your pre and you like it, get it fixed, or replaced. That's what iphone owners do.
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    I had an iPhone, and gave it away this past weekend to get a Pre. I am super happy with my new phone, and the only thing I miss is the good map application.
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    you just have to ask yourself what you need the phone for. What do you need in a phone? thats not rhetorical or condescending. If we know what you need in a phone, we can probably answer the question better. If you're looking for a phone with the least lag and the least lag only, pre isn't it.
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    I have and carry both. Prefer my iPhone.

    Like my Pre better than my droid device though.
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    I went from iPhone 3G to Pre and just today to iPhone 3GS. Don't worry, I'm not trolling..

    I love the Pre and I considered it an upgrade when I first got it. I was so impressed. The multitasking, the notifications, the gestures, the form factor. They're all so awesome, impressive, and beautiful. The sluggishness of the OS was starting to get to me, but I have to say Palm is doing a wonderful job improving it and webOS 1.4 IMO really gets things to the point were most users shouldn't have any gripes about it.

    One area Palm needs to improve is hardware quality. I LOVE the form factor. Best feeling phone ever. And I think the screen is the perfect size btw. Unfortunately, I went through 4 Pres... Ouch. It's nice they're good about replacing them but still.. I really wish I had a sturdy feeling Pre. To all those who have very solid builds, BABY THEM! You're lucky! You've got a great phone.
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    Apple = evil
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    I have not looked back after selling my iPhone 3G for the Pre. Both the Pre and Sprint have been beyond my expectations and far better than AT&T and the iPhone ever were for me.
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    Not even in the slightest. The iPhone, while a great device, just got boring. Im not a huge mobile gamer, and the lack of any good productivity apps really killed the iPhone for me.

    WebOS is much better all around IMO. Multitasking, notifications, gestures, and even the apps on webOS just make for one awesome experience.

    And my favorite thing right now is Palm. Since webOS 1.0, We have gotten so many awesome features... in 8 months. Seriously, in 8 months Palm has turned webOS into the best mobile operating system period. It's exciting to be a webOS owner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daisy96 View Post
    If you're looking for a phone with the least lag and the least lag only, pre isn't it.
    +1 for that. I get calls/emails/posts constantly about game lag, choppy video, blah blah blah on computers, just to find out the end user is trying to play Crysis on a $300 WalMart laptop.

    I've had my share of time to play with the iPhone, all three generations, my sis insists on buying them, although problems with the latest model are pushing her back to Verizon surely enough. They're solid, sure, if you don't drop them too hard, there's very little lag, I can agree there, not so much to make it a game-breaker for me though.......but non-removable battery, hideously locked down software that apparently can be removed without your permission, if Apple decides an app is no longer suitable, and I have zero love for ATT. That's fine for some folks, my sis has been happy up until lately, but even she is getting tired of that runaround.
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    My Pre is a productivity tool, a Smartphone.
    My iphone is an app toy, nothing more.
    I keep it (without ATT) for playing around with, I depend on my Pre.
    zero regrets
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    I don't regret it, not for one second that I went from an iphone/iphone 3g to a Pre. I love this phone more everyday and I wouldn't ever go back!
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    That's a very hard question. I moved from the Iphone to the Pre back in June because my AT&T bill with 4 phones with data and txt was costing me almost $300.00 per month. I switched to Sprint with my corporate discount and my bill is now around $150.00 per month.

    Now to the OP's question the Pre is not even in the same league as the Iphone as far as phone quality. WebOs on the other hand kicks the Iphone OS **** even with a little lag. I think the lag is 100% better then it was at release. I love the Pre's form factor and don't mind the screen size but the quality of the phone is terrible. It's like a product that was shoved out the door without any thought of how it would hold up over time.

    Anyway with all that said if I could have the Iphone on Sprint with my current bill I would jump in a second.
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    I'm happy with my pre; and i've never used an Iphone. i have, however used practically all kind of smartphones leading up to the pre. A friend of mine is a huge apple supporter, and he described his iphone experience the following way: He stated that every phone he owned would quickly loose it's "charm" and he was looking for the next phone after a couple of weeks or months... like after the "honeymoon stage" ... except with his iphone. He LOVES his iphone, and is not thinking of upgrading or changing it for anything even after 3 years.

    Now, like I said, i DO like my pre; but i felt the same way he did about my other phones and i do feel the same way about my pre, it kinda lost it's magic (the lag is responsible for it i would say), i'm already drooling about a windows phone 7 series.

    the phone just takes too long to do the main thing a phone is supposed to do... make calls!!.

    I do read this forum religiously, and i anxiously await for updates, and enjoy the new features introduced in them. I also must give credit where credit is due, and the new facebook app, is extremely well made. that made me happy. If they could integrate it to webos all the way (with notifications, etc...) and speed up the actual core of the OS, i would feel like in my second honeymoon.
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    I disagree, iPhone on Sprint has no appeal. It's funny my iPhone friends are starting to ask about the Pre, I don't boast or ever bring it up, but they see how much more cool the Pre is. iphone is just clunky.
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