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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetnessinfall View Post
    it is what it is. Different folks different strokes. I like the phone a lot. Just the same I think I would enjoy any platform out there.. (iphone, droid)
    I like the.......and...... spirited messa........and.....every...bacon.

    Oh nevermind. My mind is kinda messed up now. Gonna go back to staring at your sig.

    Topic: Games/handful of certain apps = iPhone, Everything else = Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxima2k53 View Post
    i even made my best friends iphone look like $h*t bc of the non intrusive notifications...he was playing a bowling game and i kept texting him...which kept on interrupting his game and i was laughing my ***** off...i told him to text me a bunch of times while i played a game and he saw that i could still c my messages without getting interrupted...he looked all sad LMAO...imho than the iphone
    Kind of cruel, but I love it
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    Quote Originally Posted by darktanone View Post
    If the iPhone did come to Sprint Pre sales would plummet even further. My fiance got rid of her Pre for the iPhone. The slow UI and the hardware issues frustrated her to the point of no return.

    I had the original iPhone and now the 3 GS. I still have my original 2G. Never had any hardware issues. I've taken it to the Apple store to resolve software issues, which were usually fixed by a hard reset or a restore. The OS is solid and for me easy to remedy.

    The 3GS is a fantastic machine and very fast. If you've owned the 3G you owe it to yourself to get the 3GS. The advantages of the WebOS will slowly fade once you switch. The speed of the OS alone will blow you away. Launching apps, surfing the Web and navigating the UI happen very fast. Keep in mind that Apple doesn't follow, they lead and will deliver features when they're sure it's ready. Not half baked like Web OS and the Pre handset.
    I remember when I had my first beer. Lol then I woke up and realized I had an iPhone laying next to me. I vowed I would never drink again and now I have a Pre. lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by htabbach View Post
    ignorant post from an ignorant poster
    Grow up, the Pre forums are for people who actually have issues with their owned phones. If the guy would of read any technical entries about Pre, he would of known exactly what differences are between an iPhone and Pre. Everyone does it when they switch to a new phone, at least people who are actually interested to use tech features.

    Let me guess, you bought a Pre without reading anything about it, then you come here and cry like a baby because you don't have a virtual keyboard? I don't think you do that. So stop posting ridiculous replies like that.
    Floren Munteanu
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    Not at all. My pre is so much better.
    I still use my iPhone as an ipod though. Nothing will beat an ipod music player.

    Although I really want something along the lines of the Nexus One or atleast very similar to it. The Pre screen size is one thing I hate too small. I want bigger, brighter, higher res, more powerful & WebOS.

    If the next WebOS based phone doesnt have those features then ill probably step away from palm devices for something that may be better.
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    Here is my experience:

    1. I never had a smartphone at all prior to last June. Did have PDA's and such though.
    2. I had the Pre for 30 days on a trial run. During this time I "hacked" it with changes to the OS prior to Preware and WOSQI even being out. I liked the phone but was still very curious of the iPhone 3GS.
    3. So I tested the 3GS for 30 days right after returning the Pre. Jailbroke the iPhone as well. The iPhone takes advantage of the hardware (it is damn fast).
    4. I went back to the Pre after the 30 days with the 3GS though.

    There are limitations on both, here are a couple quick points.

    iPhone 3GS
    -OS speed
    -number of available apps
    -hardware accessories

    -At&t's network
    -lack of swappable battery (thought this would never be an issue till I took my first couple plane flights and was in a place where there was no immediate power)
    -locked down nature, even after jailbreaking.
    -OS is not smooth functionally, speed is great but function not so much

    Pre (Sprint)
    -Multitasking (found this to be amazing on a day to day basis - but once a week I deliver pizzas, basically extra drinking money, and this is where the multitasking shines. Leaving open a music app, the internet, email, SMS conversations, a quick game, memos, Newsroom, google maps/Nav all at the same time and needing quick movement between all apps is priceless!!!)
    -fluidity of the WebOS platform
    -open design for tweaking/hacking
    -Notification system

    -hardware - poor build quality
    *small HDD space
    *low ram counts
    *extremely poor camera (low level light and no auto-focus)
    -slowness of applications launching (need rewritten to take advantage of the GPU seriously, get the main apps out of the Webos environment and get them natively accessed)
    -WebOS (both pro and con) - so new there is a lot of random issues across the board for all members - repeatability is very difficult.

    Overall I can say that I like my Pre and I liked the iPhone. Right this moment I myself am 55/45 leaning to the Pre (multitasking). If Palm puts out a flagship device like something with at least a 1.4ghz SnapDragon processor (editing because by the time this comes out it better have a better core than the current HTC phones), 512mb of ram, an auto focus camera and starts to release some much needed API's for development, then I would have no problem saying Pre 100%.

    Hope this helps even a little.
    Last edited by neoncorey; 03/08/2010 at 03:25 PM. Reason: (editing because by the time this comes out it better have a better core than the current HTC phones)
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    interesting hardware arguments coming from the iphone owners. I guess its just ones luck but in my first 6 months with the pre I have had no hardware problems at all. On the other hand, my first gen iphone was replaced twice in the first 6 months because of hardware issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rockets95 View Post
    I have a Sprint Pre and it was my first smartphone. I was so impressed with it since I could finally have everything in one device. Music, podcasts, internet radio, email, web browsing, etc. The physical keyboard was very key to me. Sprint navigation has been amazingly useful and there isn't an equivalent on the iphone that I know of.

    Pre is still missing a few things like Flash, iheartradio, and the facebook app is still missing notifications. The too many cards error is getting old, but that is a 3rd party app issue from what I have heard. It's a bit better on 1.4, but still an issue.

    My gf has an iphone and she's had all sorts of issues with it. Dropped calls, missing calls, severely delayed or missed texts, she has dealt with all those issues. She finally took it to the Apple store and they said it was an ATT issue. Their 3G network is overburdened in Rochester MN. The solution was to turn off 3G on the phone and download an app for reporting missed calls and texts to ATT. It's been working better so far, but it's an unacceptable solution IMO. What's the point of owning an iphone if you can't use 3G?

    Aren't calls and texts the most important features of a phone? What's the point if those don't work?

    I'm trying to get her to switch to Sprint, but she doesn't like the Pre because you have to slide out the keyboard. She likes the Pixi, but that's missing wifi. A pixi would probably be fine for her, but I have a tough time recommending it (being a tech guy) since it doesn't have wifi.

    Any Pixi users out there with suggestions?
    I just spoke to my gf and she is officially making the switch from IPhone to Pixi. Yeah!!

    I know this is going to be a lot of work for me initially (while she gets used to the phone), but AT&T loses another customer due to crappy service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SportingLions View Post
    Have fun with that glorified icon grid app launcher.
    You'll miss doing more than one thing at a time, trust me.
    You'll miss a physical keyboard.
    You'll miss being able to pull your battery.
    You'll miss not being a sheep.

    Thanks for using Pre.
    This is one fine post! Well said my friend.
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    AT&T is about to get another wave of bad publicity - especially from iPhone owners - thanks to SXSW. I've already seen tweets moaning about not getting texts or being able to make calls, and one tech editor I read wondered if he'd forgotten to pay his bill and had his phone cut off.

    Hilariously enough, he's taking a Sprint Overdrive with him for backup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by d0llarm3nu View Post
    OK...First of all this is not a bash on palm pre...
    My thoughts are do you regret going from the iphone to Palm pre?
    The iphone is a near perfect product with a MINUS bc of multitasking. I am on the edge of switching to the iphone when my contract ends because i am sick of MY laggy Pre (Careful I said Mine not everyone's pre). Even when i doctered it. I can't even play any games because i get this stupid "TOo many Cards error". But this thread is not about me bashing my pre... i just want to know if you guys regret switching to the palm pre so I know if I should keep it or switch. Thanks
    Can't tell you as I've never been interested in owning any i-toys of any kind. On switching from the blackberry curve, there are some things I miss, but the openness, and intuitive and consistent UI of WebOS blows it away.
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