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    Since 1.4 I haven't been able to stream any music. None off the streaming apps seem to work at all. I have been using my pre everyday to jam out at work since she came home. Now nothing. ***:
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    Had the same problem and had to see the doctor.

    Before you doctor make sure you have the 1.4 doctor downloaded. Also I backed up my pre and then wiped the USB drive before the doctor.

    Phone has worked great.

    Good Luck
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    I have the same problem!

    I also cannot preview ringtones. Can you?
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    open webos install and look to see if the multi mod was installed, if so, uninstall it. this helped me after the 1.4 update.
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    Interesting... I did not realize I had the browser multi-mod installed. Unfortunately, even uninstalling it did not restore my ability to stream audio or preview ringtones. I gave up and Doctored it and started over. This time everything is working, but no multi-mod, either.

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