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    I disabled blink to conserve battery and since then I don't get any notifications for my email and text, are they connected?
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    Blink notifications are all or nothing at this time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by htabbach View Post
    I disabled blink to conserve battery and since then I don't get any notifications for my email and text, are they connected?
    How much battery do the notifications actually consume?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardBeatZ View Post
    Blink notifications are all or nothing at this time.
    so sound notification and notifications in the gesture are are disabled as well if I disable blink? I did not know that!
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    There's a patch to select which notifications get a "blink". As for battery consumption.. I doubt it takes barely any at all.

    Try disabling GPS, look at your sleep settings for WiFi, etc.
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    No, sound notifications and blink notifications are not connected; you can have just sound like you want.

    On my Centro I had an app that made the LED light blink for notifications and it always killed my battery if it blinked too long (the on/of process took a lot of battery according to what I read). On my Pre, though, even though you'd think the process would take more battery power (on-brighter-brighter-brighter-brighter-dimmer-dimmer-dimmer-dimmer-off process), it did not kill my battery at all when it was blinking for about nine hours last night when I fell asleep watching TV (thankfully I have "The Office" set on the DVR so I didn't miss the baby episode!). I woke up with the battery at 51% (took it off the charger yesterday early afternoon), which is very good. Then I used it for an hour or so before putting it on the Touchstone to charge to full for today and falling back asleep. I was impressed (not to mention happy).

    (WiFi off, EVDO/phone on, GPS on, one e-mail PUSH acc't, other acc'ts that synch anywhere between every hour to once a day depending on the acc't. I used it for what's light use to me yesterday, since I was on the computer a lot and did Facebooking from there instead of my Pre.)
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    I dont think LED notification consumes much power at all. Leaving your screen on for 10 secs would probably be the same amount of power if you had the LED blinking for 8 hours
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    On WebOS it doesn't, but on the Centro it was definitely known to kill the battery (no matter which app you used to make it blink, which wasn't a standard feature). One time I was on vacation and got a text message sometime during the day, but didn't hear it. I was having too much fun with my friends to think about checking my phone, but when I did at downtime when we waited for our dinner table to be ready, my phone was completely dead 'cause the thing had been blinking for several hours. It never would have lasted the nine hours my Pre did last night.

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