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    My thoughts too. Beyond that, Sprint has been kickin' to AT&T and Verizon in quite a few markets. Sprint coverage overall is actually rated quite high these days. Just a few days ago, an industry analyst was saying that Sprint could very well already be in the midst of a quiet turnaround. They are losing fewer and fewer customers quarter over quarter.

    Ugh, I would hate to be a slave to AT&T just to have an iPhone. I've had a Touch since they came out so I feel like I have the best of both worlds.
    I'm finding that here. We have notoriously bad coverage, one small town just south of here, there's a particular tree stump that seems to be the only place anybody on Verizon or ATT can get a signal. Sprint, I've got three bars in that town. I've checked, driving from Burlington all the way to Bennington, basically complete north to south here, signal the whole way, no problems. My mom has nothing much of the time, dead phone. She has Verizon.

    Sprint has indeed been making a turnaround. I often find it silly that people jump from carrier to carrier, service to service, sometimes at a cost, either at the first news story of some bad move, or to hop on the latest goofball new phone (Pre included.......sorry, if the Pre had come out on Verizon first, I wouldn't be here right now) just to do it all over again in a year.
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    giving upgrade eligibility sounds nice but in practice would be terrible. Those who are eligible to upgrade anyway will be annoyed that people are getting the same discount as they are, ppl who may have jus recently bougt a phone would be annoyed that now they're eliible for a nicer phone but they already spent money on one etc. Furthermore,few ppl outside of the blogospheres probably know or care what 4g is.

    if sprints problem was poor word of mouth then it seems to me the solution would have to be good word of mouth. Get a flagship device that will convince ppl to switch and prove that your service is better. Those new customers will tell their friends sprint is great and their new palm c40 is great. Their friends will want the new phone and or service the same way ppl put up with at&t for the iphone.

    simple right lol, except the palm pre was supposed to do all those things! Imo palm needs a new killer device minus the shortcomings, and needs it to be visible in a desirable way (ie. Good advertising). And sprint needs palm to do that to draw customers.

    heres hoping its the mysterious c40
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    Well........if you go to Sprint's site, don't log in if you're a customer already, and check the Pre, it's $145 for new customers with a new two-year contract. Which just happens to be what I paid on a one-year $125 upgrade, $100 discount, and $100 mail in rebate. They're kinda already doing that, my mom could get the same price on a Pre as a brand new customer as I did as a 9 year customer with a premium-level upgrade discount.
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    4G upgrade would save both Sprint and Palm?
    (Checks the coverage map of Clearwire)
    Alright, that WiMax coverage is only slightly better then big WIFI networks... city only coverage is pathetic.
    Thus, 4G/WiMax is irrelevant to me at this stage.

    4G doesn't make any sense to most people anyways. To most people, talk & SMS text coverage is the most important. Maybe expanding the current 3G network would be way more effective.
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    Depends on how fast they roll it out. It's a fairly major upgrade, yes, but it only took two years for Sprint to go from EVDO Rev 0 to full Rev A coverage. Cost a fortune, but they did it. I even have it in my little dinky state that most people think is the eastern part of NY state.
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