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    I took my Pre to a gig my son was doing with his jazz band last night. The video is acceptable, but I was amazed at the sound quality!

    Other phones I've had that had video recording tended to be really flaky about sound - often there was no compression, and anything louder than normal conversation became distorted.

    The Pre captured the band awesomely. No distortion, and very clear sound.

    I plugged it into some decent monitor speakers, and I could've been listening to an Mp3. The bass came through crystal clear (and while I was recording, I thought 'yeah, that bass is going to be too low to even register').

    One thing I'm curious about.. I wonder if either the external speaker or headset speaker are somehow used for recording? I could swear I was hearing stereo separation.

    Anyway, GJ PALM!

    And by the way, somebody tell Qik they need a WebOS version.
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    I don't think there is streo seperation.

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