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    I upgraded from a 755 to the Pre+ in late January and I still get excited with this phone. I received my 3rd Pre+ this morning and I must say it seems like the quality has improved with each phone. My first one was very solid (tight slider) but I had the double key issue. I could not solve it for anything so I traded it in. The second phone had a great keyboard but the slider was very loose. The blink notification did not work after the 1.4 update so VZN sent me another one. This one has a great keyboard and is very solid (tight slider). I have not found anything wrong with it in my limited usage so far.

    One might ask why donít we give up when we have these types of quality problems. First of all this phone/operating system smokes. Second, once you are a Palm person it is hard to look at anything else. I started with the 700P and have been hooked since. Each phone had quality issues but I generally got one that was very good. I am keeping my old phones in a sort of hall of fame.....

    Do others in this forum feel this attraction to Palm products?
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    I do. When I think about Palm possibly going under it makes me sad because their products are really good and useful. My Pre is the best phone I've ever owned (I'll admit, first smartphone) and I've never had mor than a momentary problem with it, and never one that these forums couldn't fix. Actually, I think I love PreCentral as much as the phone.

    My Pre is awesome. Am I upset there arean't 150,000 apps? No. Am I missing anything that I really NEED? No. There are some things I wish had been carried over from other Palm devises but overall I couldn't be happier with my Pre. The thought of going to an iPhone is laughable to me.
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    If I could put my Pre in a pipe and smoke it, I would! hahahah..... And I also agree with jstew10's statement about PreCentral.
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    I don't know that I'm so much a Palm fan, as I am a long-time satisfied customer. Every product I've had has been great, with maybe the exception of the complaints about the hardware, and when I was near a charger, worked flawlessly. It would take a major disaster for me not to buy another Palm product, and the couple of times I've dealt with them on a problem, service has been above par. And it does have a community of people who are loyal, write great software, and aren't the raving fanatics iPhone guys are.
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    My name is voodoochild and I'm a palm addict.

    I consider myself to be an informed fan-boy. I love the phone and really think it's the best out there but I can admit that it has its flaws.

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