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    Hey guys, heres the deal.

    Yesterday, I was at work and had been waiting for the boss to call. Had nothing for over half an hour and was bored, so opened the Pre to text my lady and noticed I had 2 voicemail texts (this is how I am notified of voicemails) and 1 normal text.

    Thing is, I was in an office with great 3G connectivity and my phone reception was fine every time I had looked at it in that half hour, plus even though I had these text messages, I had no notification flashing or screen notifs.

    Weird, I thought. But I just put it down to a quirk.

    Then again tonight I am waitig for a call, and again it doesnt come, so I go into the text messaging and see another text I hadnt been notified about!

    Once is a quirk. Twice?

    Does anybody have any ideas why this would be happening? Im on O2 UK, have Preware installed with quite a few patches although had to remove multi mod when 1.4 came down as it screwed up my browser.


    edit: I was just told that it rings out. But I dont hear it, plus get no led or screen notifications. Weird.
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