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    I see lots of conversayion about overclocking.

    I want to know how fast they normally run.

    also, did running at faster speeds reduce battery life?
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    600mhz processor, cuts back to 450mhz (I think, might be 400, somebody will correct me) under light usage. Ramps up to the full 600mhz when needed.

    Overclocking is a risk, as with any processor. It may run faster fine, it may not. You also have limited space for heat dissipation, so it'll get hotter faster. Too much heat is bad for a processor of any type. Be aware, too, that if you do decide to overclock, and the phone bricks for some reason, don't expect Verizon or Palm to fix it. They won't. Do your research before hand, so you know how to reset it yourself.

    Yes, it will drain the battery faster if you lock it at, say, 800mhz overclocked. You're pulling more power.
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    As I understand it the stock processor speed is 500mhz (underclocked purposefully by Palm from 600mhz). This increases to 600mhz when 3D games are running.

    As for battery drain you should carry out your own testing as there is huge variation in reports on battery life due to differing usage patterns and user error.

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