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    I'm curious what most people do
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    I leave mine at 0% most of the time, and bump it to 15% in direct sunlight.
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    Whatever is stock, 50%, I think. I turned the time setting down, though, so that's cut down after 10 seconds.
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    0% also. plenty bright and saves power.
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    0% but use brightness unlinked to have my keybooard at 7% cuz i cant see it at night :P
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    0% most of the time. That is plenty bright. Sometimes that is still even too bright.
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    0 durin da day...and 6 at night
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    50% unless battery under 30% then 0%.
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    LOL, I keep mine at 100%... I like a nice bright screen, battery be damned
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    10% (that's technically the lowest) and that's too bright most of the time.
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    Fairly low.. maybe 20%?
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    20% seems like a nice middle for me... and 50-60% on the fam's Pixi's
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    I keep mine on whatever it is out of the box.
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    0% when running stock.
    9% with the minimum brightness patch.
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    The default 10% and it's still too bright. Also rely on Brightness Unlinked for nighttime keyboard illumination.
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    100% high, display looks amazing.
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    I keep mine on 100% because I carry spare batteries so running out of juice is not an issue. It just looks sharper and more pretty.
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    I can't tell what mines at ha ha it used to have a percent sign lol but its gone.
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    With 1.4 I bumped up to 10-15% because the battery life was good enough that I can do that without recharging mid-day. It used to be at 0% though.
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