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    Inside and at night - 0-10
    Outside during day - 40
    Also have patch
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    about 20 percent
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    Screen: 42%
    Keyboard: 100%

    Brightness Unlinked for charging and one of Jason's menu patches for easy access.
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    I always have it at about 10% unless the wife complains (again!!). Then I bump t down to 0%. I also leave the timeout at 3 minutes because I hate it when it gets dark on me while I'm reading something and I'm pretty good about turning the screen off when I'm not using it.
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    I'm a real fan of 50% during the day and somewhere at or above 10% at night. I'd prefer to go lower but I like being able to see the keyboard. (Yes, I know, brightness unlinked... wasn't ready for prime time the last time I tried it though, but admittedly that was back in September.) Love Jason's brightness in the system menu patch!
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    About 25%
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    0% during the day. At night I will turn the keyboard up if I'm sitting in a dimmed room but I turn back down when I'm finished. I use brightness Unlinked.
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