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    With over 40K of them I would think some of you are.
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    No. I bought Classic within the first week that it was available. It's just too cumbersome. That all apps are limited to the Treo's square screen doesn't help.

    Instead of an emulator, I want a Virtual Machine for each Palm OS app to run within. Then those individual apps can be added to the main launcher. Each app would run as though it were the single app on the emulated device. Global controls would be maintained by one central app to manage things like Hotsync ID and Theme. Classic could function as that program or at least be updated for those who have already purchased it. It should also have a Dynamic Input Area like the T|X did, allowing apps to use the whole screen.

    The time to do this, BTW, is now. Palm is making a big push for C/C++ and Flash apps at the Game Developers Conference next week. Adding VM-run Palm OS apps to that mix will legitimally increase app numbers instantly, as well as provide a stop-gap for apps that have still not appeared on webOS.

    That this wasn't done at the beginning is understandable. Palm wanted native webOS apps. Now, however, they just need apps.
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    That sounds like a great idea.
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    I thought about it, there's a few apps I really like for Garnet, but that's a lot of money to spend to run a $10 app that's down to limited support. I'd already migrated everything to WinMo anyway, and it wasn't a stretch to move the important stuff to the Pre. Haven't really seen a need for the emulator, or an app that doesn't give me the same basic functionality that I've had in previous OS versions.
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    i use it for audio. would be perfect IF I could use bluetooth headset to listen....

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    it would still make sense. Since there were a lot of palm OS users before and familiarity with the apps can be used to attract more users.

    it would instantly balloon the apps for the webos.
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    I bought it but as others have said it feels so dated next to the native webOS apps. It's still installed on my Pre, but with pReader working so well now the only app I occasionally access in it is Leonard Maltin Movie Guide from Landware.
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    Nope, too much trouble plus if would not run the app I wanted/needed.
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    Yep, I use it for DateWheel, PocketLingo and occasionally Tryda. Looking forward to the availability of apps on WebOS that will allow the permanent retirement of Classic.
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    without bluetooth support for classic, I might be deleting the app until it's updated when Palm allows the use of bluetooth for classic.

    I'll be using my Ipod touch for audio books with
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    Nope. I figured I would, when WebOS was 1st announced, w/limited apps. But, got my Pre in June '09. Started using WebOS and never looked back. (Well, that's a bit of a lie. I used to p/u my Treo every now and then to play a game of solitaire.)
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    I use Classic for one app I rely on all the time and which will probably not be ported to WebOS. It works well enough in Classic that I don't need to buy an iPhone.

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