I know others have had similar issues related to the headset/aux jack & using Pandora, but I think my issue is different.

The past week I've been having intermittent issues hearing, or with the other person hearing me.

If I squeeze/hold the phone the wrong way, the mic/speaker will cut out.. or if I fiddle with it, it sometimes comes back.

Also, if I press on the front of the Pre while it's off, on all 4 corners, the screen will come on. Sometimes this happens when it's in my pocket.

When doing that, the music icon/volume sometimes pops up and may go down or up. It seems to flicker between a speaker icon & music icon.
I'm not even sure when the speaker volume is accessible. I've only seen the alarm or music icon/volume pop up.

I got the phone last year from an old coworker (that has since moved), so I don't know if the warranty is valid.

Anyway, I think it's a ribbon issue, or whatever they use to connect the 2 sliding pieces.

Any thoughts?