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    Hi -- I like the idea of the blinking notification for new messages, but can it be customized at all? I have email notifications set to Show Icon/Mute but I am getting the LED flash for new email. But since I have new email all the time, this isn't that helpful for me, and I was hoping there was some way to restrict the flash to texts and missed calls/voicemail only? I am a little worried that the LED flashing pretty much all the time will harm battery life.
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    set it to update your email every hr or so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by djjeffa View Post
    set it to update your email every hr or so.
    This is an interesting idea. Maybe just setting to manual would help. I sure hope that Palm adds an option soon to customize the notifications.

    Yeah. I know there are patches available, but I'm sticking with stock.

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