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    Quote Originally Posted by themirthfulswami View Post
    Coming from WinMo, the Pre's browser is paradise to me. I don't really notice much difference between 1.3.5 and 1.4 as far as glitchyness is concerned. I do get a few mis-taps on links every now and then but that's about it.
    Just got off WinMo too (though Opera Mini 5 rivals WebOS's browser) and what you said was QFT!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd View Post
    LoL, Quagmire.
    haha, ooooh yeah! that guy cracks me up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by malpha View Post
    There are two things about the browser that bug me.

    1) The refreshing. I'm about to leave being stock again just for this reason.
    2) The hiccups or whatever, where it looks like it didn't finish rendering the page, but it did. It just won't show the rest unless you change the orientation of the phone.
    Are you referring to the situation that happens when there's more content to a page but the browser stops short and pretends like there's nothing more left?

    In that case, I found out pinching (that is, zooming out), makes the whole page display again. I encounter this at least twice a day. The browser retains the dimensions (lengthwise) of the previous page even if the current page is longer.
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    I really like the is extremely fast. I would like to see some additional functionality witj it though. The addition of full flash suppirt is going to be really nice, I have no complaints.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevesrjr View Post
    Yea not so much, it is a nice upgrade over bb or wm browsing.. They still have a lot to work out, and hopefully soon since bbl is going to use webkit now and wm7 is shipping with an all new browser.... I'm sick of the pages reloading when your away, the horrible "checkerboard", I'm starting to use my Zune hd to browse.. Its a little slower but saves me the trouble.. Plus its very easy to type in browser you don't have to move the screen as you type...
    They have a patch for that whole reloading issue. And find it easier to browse on the Zune HD? I hate using the internet on that thing. The format kills me. GREAT music player though.
    Tomorrow I'll be me again...
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    Quote Originally Posted by PreGk View Post
    Am I the only one who finds using the browser a painful experience? It gets stuck rendering on occasion, freezes up intermittently, is always refreshing if you step away from it for a minute or 2. I just find it frustrating. Is anyone else having a more positive experience?
    I can mirror these same frustrations. I agree with others that it seems worse since 1.4. Interestingly I find it mostly effects the mobile version of this forum.
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    I'd call Firefox or Opera about this issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidtm View Post
    As I've posted elsewhere, I can no longer use drop-down menus (Java, I believe) in a web-based electronic medical record that I use. This seems to be a very rare issue, so I'm afraid it will persist unnoticed. I've had the same glitches that others describe, but they don't impede functionality like this does.
    Yeah, I've had the same problem on drop-down menus. It'll basically lock up the browser card and bog down the phone until I throw the card away.

    1.4 definitely didn't help the browser. I see the checkerboard a lot but the thing that bugs me is the "refreshing" the page once it's finished loading it. Used to be I could click a link before the page was done loading, but doing that now always leads me to clicking the wrong link because the stupid browser refreshed and my tap is now on some other area of the page.
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    I love the browser as long as I only have one open. If I get impatient and start opening 3 or 4 browser cards all going to different sites then they will all start freaking out and locking up.
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