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    I'm running a Pre+ Verizon 1.4 and my keyboard acts wacky.

    I will be typing and often it doesn't register the "r", sometimes "t" and rarely "l"

    Before I call Verizon and ask for a new one I wondered if this was a software bug relating to my upgrade or any of my preware apps?

    I am not running the virtual keyboard and only use 4x4 v4 (no arrow), iphone black, battery saver, increase font size 18, and battery icon as percent.

    I can type R 20 times and it will register all 20, then I try again and nothing unless I press harder. Each time you get a full "click" so it's not that I am pressing lightly.
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    if your phone is new the keyboard will loosen up with some time.
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    This is a known issue, both here and with Palm. Typically, swapping the phone for a new one does the trick.

    You may have trouble exchanging it at a Verizon store though, unless they can "replicate" the issue. If the reps can't, ask to talk to their manager and show them the thread on these forums about keyboard issues (just search keyboards).

    Palm reps have posted in that thread acknowledging the problem.

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