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    (if this is in the wrong place please by all means move it.)

    I was thinking could someone make an app that will let you take songs on your phone and edit them to play as ringtones. For example: say I want the hook of a song to play as the ringtone, I can edit it to do so on the phone. I know the pre lets you select your ringers but all the songs start from the beginning.
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    if you have itunes then you can edit songs to ringtones...for a fee of .99
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    I don't have itunes. But it would be cool if you could do it on the fly with the pre. Even if they charged a little bit for it like, $1.99 I would buy it.
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    I am 99% sure that there are several free editing programs available for your PC that can edit an MP3 so that it starts and ends at a certain point in the song and can then be saved as a new MP3 file. Connect your phone in USB mode and copy the MP3 to your ring-tones folder and voila.

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