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    Whenever I get a new phone, I decline the TEP option. My justification for this is, at $7/month I would be paying a premium of $84/year, or $168/contract period (before it was a new phone every year), PLUS a $50 - $100 deductible, and at that cost, I could either pay for part of a new phone on ebay, or just save that money, use my old phone, which I always keep as a backup, and get a new phone when my contract was up. And in the 12 years I've had Sprint, I've only lost or completely damaged one phone, which was easily replaced by a comparable phone for minimum cost.
    Jumping into the smartphone game with the pre made me rethink this a bit more, as my old phone, a Sanyo flip (that, ironically, was the replacement for the phone that I destroyed and was 4 years old), was nowhere near the device as the pre was. And with the contract-free pre's price was around $500, the deductible + premium seemed worth it. But, in the end, I decided to opt out again.
    I have since gotten my fiance, brother, brother-in-law, and future sister-in-law on my plan, all with pre's. Everyone's phone is in great shape, but I dropped mine on New Year's eve and knocked a pretty big chip off the upper left corner, which also seemed to make the slight oreo very bad. Plus the screen seems fuzzy up there. Still a great phone, but a bit of a bummer that it's banged up. And there I was with no TEP plan.
    Yesterday, I got an email telling me that, for March only, there is an open enrollment for the TEP program, whether you've had your phone for "2 days or 2 years." Unbelievable! I re-enrolled myself immediately and am thinking about "losing" my phone to get a new pre for $100 and the $7 I pay for my March TEP. Seems a bit unethical, but hey, if I can take advantage of this and get a new pre on the cheap, I'm all for it.
    Did anyone else get this email? If so, is there anyone else in my same boat? I know getting a new pre for $100 when there may be a new webOS device coming out soon might seem like a bit of a waste, but for me, $107 seems reasonable, especially when there isn't a guarantee that we WILL be getting a new device. What do you think?
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    Quote Originally Posted by morrison0880 View Post
    Seems a bit unethical, but hey, if I can take advantage of this and get a new pre on the cheap, I'm all for it.
    Well, you have my vote - Sprint has ripped me off enough so tell them this is pay back as far as Im concerned! gluck!

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