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    Today I officially crossed the total number of apps I had downloaded for my iphone (which I had for ~2 years).

    My number is 234 (including default apps)

    How many apps do you currently have?
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    I only have 6 apps. But then I have only owned my Pre for about a month. Most of the apps I find usless or I do not know what they are good for?
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    I like the games so I own about 12 (Mainly Gameloft and Glu) but would love docs-to-go. I alos have weather apps and location based apps (Where)
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    What kind of apps are you looking for? I can usually find at least one app in every category that I want.

    e.g. facebook app from Palm was recently revamped and is much better than before

    RSS feed readers, there are several paid and free choices available I recently found News (free) which "I" like better than scoop ($0.99) after the recent update. There are other free alternatives that I really liked as well.

    Music - The Music remix app is great, with the 1.4 update it has lost its speed advantage over the default app but it allows you to see the lyrics which I really like. Pandora, Slacker, Acuradio, Radio Time all are great apps.

    Games : There are lots of games available now, both 3D and non-3D. RPG, Shooter, Arcade, Puzzle, word, platformer every type is now represented. Assassin's creed (action/adventure), hero of sparta (Action/adventure), brother in arms(shooter), glyder 2 (action), preopoly(monoply clone), monopoly, scrabble, asphalt 5 (racing), word ace, dot game, tic tact toe, dungeon quest (MMO), Word Whirl etc.

    Productivity: in addition to several accounting and medical related apps the apps tore now offers apps for regular tasks e.g. Outline tracker, shopping list, space alarm, task adder, time spent

    Social Networking: Linked in and facebook are integrated to your contacts, Pixelpipe Uploader to the Social Web, Four squares etc. are great apps.

    Utilities: Pocket mirror, Echo etc. help you synchronize your phone and your desktop, Classic allows you to use palmOS apps on webOS.

    Lifestyle: absolute fitness, workout tracker, adonis etc. help you keep in shape. What's for dinner helps shop based on what you are planning to cook or vice versa (its a recipe book) and if you are not in the mood to cook good food will help you find the best place to eat.

    Travel: Mileage monitor, Fillups, Fuel etc. help me keep track of my car's mileage (and in some apps the maintenance record). Flightview shows me my flight status and WIMD tells me where I parked my car. HereIam can help friends locate me if I am hopelessly lost.

    Finance/Business: Expense tracker, express stock, optionsXpress Mobile, Forbes Intelligent Investing all help me stay on top of things. Dealert helps me spend my money wisely.

    Books: If you are a fan of cartoons comics is great. Essentially an RSS reader for ~70 comic strips I am sure you will find one or two you enjoy. Shortcovers, Popelli reader, kobo, free books all are great for buying and reading ebooks.

    These are just a sample of what is available in the app catalog (at least for US). Other markets are supposed to get the full catalog of paid apps later this quarter (I believe). The free apps can be had via preware if I remember correctly there was an article on precentral about this a few days ago.
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    What is your favorite app by far? What app do you use everyday?
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    Favorite has to be NewsRoom for, me its worth every penny. LOVE IT
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    wow, i've got 61, not including built in apps! i would never have guessed it. that's a lot of apps i've probably only used once or twice.

    meh, better to have it and not need it...
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    My favorite apps include Dr. Podder, Radio Time, engadget and Preware
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    I've currently got 75 apps loaded on my Pre not counting the default apps, roughly 25 purchased but not currently installed. A quick tally of money spent on apps since the catalog came out of beta is $134.00 give or take and not counting taxes.

    EDIT: Woot, Post #400
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    51 apps not including the default ones here. Mostly the free variety.. the ones I've bought from the app catalog are : Newsroom, Digloo, Cheeseburger Network, PDFMyWeb, Enjoy Sudoku and Feeds (replaced by Newsroom).

    No 3D games yet.. don't do much gaming on my Pre. Considering maybe getting the new Texas Hold'Em game tho..
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    My roommate thinks asphalt 5 runs better on the PRE than it does on iphone 3GS. He has the iPhone 3GS. I have told him to wait till PRE2 is out and then ditch At&T and join Sprint.
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    Three games, four patches, one health tracking app for diabetes. That's it so far. I'll collect more as I go along, I'm sure. I've got a good pile of stuff from PalmOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sapient2k7 View Post
    What is your favorite app by far? What app do you use everyday?
    App catalog, Preware, e-mail
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    Admiration is the furthest emotion away from understanding.

    Lou Holtz loves slurpies!
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    I currently have installed three 3rd party applications. I use Facebook, Twittwr, and Kobo. I didn't get the Pre for it's tthird psrty applications. I got it because of all of the great ways it keeps me connected with family and friends.
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    According to Preware, I currently have 189 packages installed. That includes patches, free, default and 28 paid apps. Speaking of, is there an app or way to list the paid apps, the free apps and the default apps without going through my list of Palm Receipts? Just wondering. Thanks!
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    Since the sale.. Over 50.

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    My list of apps in Preware:

    Total Installed Packages: 256
    Applications: 179
    Kernel: 1
    Linux Applications: 4
    Patches: 63
    Plugins: 1
    Services: 3
    Themes: 1
    Unknown (basically apps which Preware doesn't recognize: 4
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthRepublican View Post
    My list of apps in Preware:

    Total Installed Packages: 256
    Applications: 179
    Kernel: 1
    Linux Applications: 4
    Patches: 63
    Plugins: 1
    Services: 3
    Themes: 1
    Unknown (basically apps which Preware doesn't recognize: 4
    I like the way you did your post so if I may, here is mine.
    My list of apps in Preware:

    Total Installed Packages: 191
    Applications: 88
    Linux Applications: 3
    Optware: 1
    Patches: 63
    Plugins: 1
    Services: 5
    Themes: 1
    Unknown (basically apps which Preware doesn't recognize): 30
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