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    32 34.41%
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    23 24.73%
  • >75

    15 16.13%
  • >100

    15 16.13%
  • >200

    4 4.30%
  • >300

    4 4.30%
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    to date,75.
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    I lost count off my apps, installed now is 68 but there are many I paid for and deleted, I reinstall them if I need them.
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    Preware shows 73 Applications installed... that must not include the standard Palm apps, because a quick count of my launcher icons is 120 icons. haha
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    Is the question "How many apps have I actually paid real money for and can therefore claim that I own them?" or is the question "How many apps have I downloaded and installed on my phone in general?"

    Also... Why is the first response 25? Not everyone downloads massive amounts of crap to their phone.
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    My list of apps in Preware:

    Total Installed Packages: 65
    Applications: 32
    Linux Applications: 3
    Patches: 25
    Miscellaneous: 1
    Services: 2
    Optware: 2
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    dozens of apps. cant count them all...
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    only 19 apps that i downloaded that didnt come with the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Northstar_69 View Post
    Most of the apps I find usless or I do not know what they are good for?
    What are you guys doing with 200apps, you keep them there just to use precious memory? I also find many apps useless. I use a lot my phone to browse the net and stream music. I have Tweed, Facebook, Foursquare, AniWeather and Tip'em. Preware installed for Govnah + UK and Jason's 4x4 patch (the one and only patch). Still waiting for a Office Communicator implementation without all the shebang you are forced to add in order to get it.

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    My list of apps in Preware:

    Total Installed Packages: 309
    Applications: 236
    Kernel: 1
    Linux Applications: 9
    Patches: 49
    Plugins: 1
    Services: 6
    Themes: 1
    Unknown (basically apps which Preware doesn't recognize: 52
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    33, not including the default apps. I'm not an app-holic and not a big mobile gamer so thankfully the apps I have covers pretty much everything I need.
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    currently 160, tomorrow maybe more or less, i keep asking myself y i downloaded some
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