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  • Money makes the world go round and I have none for apps.

    31 28.18%
  • That will take away from my beer fund.

    10 9.09%
  • I need productivity apps. How else am I suppose to work on the go?

    25 22.73%
  • I need music apps....

    2 1.82%
  • I need more games (I know the NOVA fans are going to vote this one)

    5 4.55%
  • The quality of Apps on the WebOS are not worth my money

    36 32.73%
  • Palm Classic apps work find for me.

    1 0.91%
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    The quality of apps is what does it for me. I'll shell out some good apps like Newsroom, Bad Kitty, Geostrings, etc. I don't play too much games, just give me my simple Tetris and Sudoku and that fits my cellphone gaming needs. Anyway I'm not much of an app person. I just need core apps like a podcast player (DrPodder), RSS reader (Newsroom), Twitter (BadKitty), Online Music (Grooveshark and Slacker), I just need a Document editor (Come on Docs to go!!) and of course, Audible! I have majority of my core needs covered, just need them last 2.
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    Nothing stopping me. I have bought 10 apps so far, whatever I see that is fun, interesting, or useful.

    PalmOS: Zire71, Clie NX70V, LifeDrive, T|X
    WebOS: VZW Pixi Plus, now VZW PRE 2

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    I don't have many apps to begin with but the ones that I do have are free (Weather Channel, Engadget Where, and some free games). I'm just not inclined to pay for apps unless.....unless it is a really wonderful app that I can't do without.
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    None of the above for me...

    There are several that I would consider buying, but hate to drop money on something that I end up not liking. Wish more of them would come as time limited trials.
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    I have bought a few game apps so far, but whats stopping me from buying more is the fact that 2 out 3 times i have to do a luna restart to play. Which is very annoying........
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    The apps I buy mostly are for productivity! I use my Pre for email, web surfing, and lots of phone calls. I need to make sure my battery can last the whole day. (BTW YouView is a great productivity app-visual voice mail)

    Games that have an iPod touch alternative I buy there. I play a lot of games and read ebooks. My battery life is important on the phone. If my ipod battery runs out no big deal.
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    I'm in Canada.
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    I've bought a few (games), but am a little hesitant dropping larger amounts on programs (non-games) unless there is a trial version where I can see if I like it. I don't mind spending the few bucks, but want to know ahead of time if the program will do what I want/need.
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    While some apps are necessary and useful, this whole app hysteria thing was brought on by all of those iphone adds.
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    maybe because 95%+ of apps are completely useless / not needed
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    Ditto....try before you buy makes sense.
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    It's a combination of not worth the money, unneeded, or too expensive for what they do (sort of different from not worth the money, because they're worth some money, just not what they're charging for it). For example, I'm sure Geostrings is great, but...I don't need a location based task manager. I like having mine by date (if it does it also by date, let me know, I might get it). Or, Newsroom looks okay...but it's not worth $5 to me, especially since it doesn't even integrate with Google Reader. Just no.

    But there are some things that are worth it to me. I've gotten the following apps:

    Scrabble (this was a big exception, I like word games)
    Wobble Words
    Word Whirl
    Word Freak
    Super Hangman (yeah, I like word games....)

    Weather Dashboard


    Tilt Origami
    Glyder 2


    Grooveshark (VIP subscription for $30)

    Er, which now that I write it out kind of looks like a lot...well, the point for me is there really aren't a lot of apps out there with sort of a wow-factor and much flash, webOS needs a bit better graphic designers. There is very little with the polish and shine of something like say, Drop7 or Theseus on the iPhone. Not to say there isn't any at all, Paratrooper, Digloo, Wobble Words, Tangram and Nanplayer (whenever that comes out...) all look great! Also, you can sort of see that $3 is about my limit for apps, although I can definitely go up ($5,7,10 for nanplayer, I'm there).

    The OTHER problem is that I've had to reset this phone a few times and every time I do, I lose all my game data! It SUCKS. All those puzzles I did in Tilt Origami and Tangrams get wiped away and it really takes away from the experience of having the games.
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    I would buy more apps if there were more that I really needed. I don't really want to use my Pre for multimedia stuff since I have other devices for those purposes and I'd rather reserve my Pre's battery life for phone calls, messaging and surfing.

    What I really need for the Pre is an FTP app and a fully functional on-device file manager (Internalz is very close). Those two things I would buy as soon as they hit the app store.
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    I'm a cheapskate and for me to buy an app, I want it to have lasting value. I can buy the full version of my weather app, but the free one does everything that I'm looking for it to do. I could buy games that I probably won't play in a few months. I did buy YouView which I've only had a day but has already changed the way I deal with voice mail. Does this make sense? I don't need a dime-a-dozen novelty app, I want something that will actually make a difference to how I use my phone.
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    None of the above for me too. I don't see me having this phone much longer. Warranty is almost up and the hardware wont hold up. SO I will not invest in apps.
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    Price of apps is the only thing that bothers me. I hate that an app that is .99 on iphone platform is 2.99 here. I understand why that is, but I wont consider buying most apps that are 2.99. I just dont want to open that can of worms.

    In my opinion, pretty much most all apps should be .99. I'm not a developer though, so I dont know the economics behind this. I would suspect you would sell more apps at .99 though, which would make you earn as much or more money.

    With that said, I understand some apps take more money to develop, so I understand why 3d games and some others are more. But web-based apps should all be .99
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    I don't want to have to use Paypal. It's an unnecessary go-between. Allow me to just tie a CC to the account and I'm good to go.

    The purchase system with itunes is nice because you can buy gift cards everywhere, which allows you to budget. I don't spend money on iTunes anymore unless I have an open balance.
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    Still waiting for productivity apps such as Docs2Go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    I know what you mean. I'm currently unemployed, so I really don't buy too many apps. But luckily I beat out 100 or so people who replied to a job ad and I should be starting next week I should be buying more apps in no time lol
    Off topic:

    Congrats on the job. This economy sucks -- I'm glad I'm retired and not having to compete in the current job market.
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    You can enter a CC to buy apps...
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