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    First off I did try to do a search for this info and I was not able to find anything.
    Second, please pardon my ignorance as I am new family member of Palm and this site/Forum

    I have notice that when I send certain Messages(Texts) to one of my contact sometimes they have like a little dot or almost like a small round indentation/Punched out icon to the left of text I sent them. For the life of my I can not figure out what this little dot/icon means. can anyone please explain to me what this means?
    Also.. Is there a way to set up so that you get notified if someone responds to your post on the forum here? I am sure people will respond to this and I will probably not knw how to pull this thread back up again
    any and all help would be appriciated
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    The little dot next to certin people in your text are your buddies. Did you sync a Yahoo! Or AOL messenger service?

    When you post a thread you will see a button that says "thread options". Then you can subscribe to your post and be notified when someone replies to your threads or others that you take interest in.
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    Thanx sooo much for that expalination. I linked my Google account. I guess these are people I have in my Google chat list. Thanx soooo muh for this explaination!!
    Also thanx for the "Thread option" info!!

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