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    I was wondering how difficult it would be to make a patch to display date/time info on video taken with the pre? I've never written anything, where would I start to learn if I wanted to figure this out?
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    You need some knowledge of Javascript. I can give you some info on how to start. Basically I am working on a patch right now and I had some help from Jason Robitaille so I am happy to share the info he gave me. However I haven't looked into the video capture at all so you would have to look around yourself into the code.

    Download the webOSDoctor.jar from Palm's website. Open it with an archive manager and in the resources folder you'll see the stock 1.4 ROM. Extract it. Copy the files you want to make changes to and make the changes.

    Then use Unified Diff Creator to create a patch from the original and modified files. You can then use WebOS Quick Install to test it on your Pre.

    If you choose to have your patch be GPL open source, you can submit it under MIT opensource license to WebOS-Internals patch portal. Theyll package it into a GPL package for the feed.

    That's it and good luck Feel free to ask me any other questions you would like...


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