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    I was just cruising Facebook and lost my internet connection Next thing I know I had a pop up saying "PRL updating".

    I just thought that was a neat, new feature! One less thing to update manually! I'm on Sprint btw.
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    Strange I had the opposite happen. Before the 1.4 update I manually updated to the 60600 PRL, after I updated to 1.4 it went back to 50559. (I think those were the numbers, don't have my phone right next to me to check).
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    It's 60659 & 60660.

    I used to just randomly try updates too so maybe this is something old, but it is one less hassle.
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    Had a PRL update last night (automatically done). Got a notification and when read the screen on my Pre, it said PRL updating.
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    My Pre just had an automatic PRL update!

    PRL 60662

    If you're wondering what a PRL is, user cary328is explains:

    PRL = Preferred roaming list is a list of locations your phone searches for to get the best signal. It's good to keep it updated so that it won't struggle to find the best signal in new locations that have new towers etc. The more it works to find the best signal - the more your battery is used. Hence - keep it updated and your battery will last a lot longer

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