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    A few days after I updated my Sprint Palm Pre to webos 1.4, I noticed that my email was not getting new messages correctly. Then I noticed my calendar was not syncing new meetings (either way - web to phone or phone to web). Contacts also do not sync. I have deleted and re-created the account many times. The phone is definitely talking to the server (every time I recreate the account, it seems to download a few random old emails, but then stops). We use Zimbra, which supports their version of EAS. It worked well before the latest update. I searched the forums, but could not find anything definitive as to whether this is a known issue. I am getting my email via IMAP now, but I need my calendar+alerts+contacts. Any suggestions?
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    We use Zimbra too, and it's always been slightly buggy. Because the EAS email formatting is seriously broken on the Pre, I started using IMAP and set my Exchange email account to sync manually. But it still sync'ed periodically in In 1.4, it syncs on every restart. So I end up with two copies of every message. However, strangely, my voicemail messages (which I assume are embedded links using nonstandard HTML) don't come work on IMAP but do work via Exchange.

    Also, GAL is not available, even in 1.4.

    However, so far I don't have any problems with the calendar sync.
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    I'm experiencing the same thing. I talked to Palm support and they had me do several hard resets and even do the remove apps and data reset with no luck. Have you been able to fix it?
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    Has anyone found a solution to this? I was looking at Zimbra hosting, but this thread has be a bit worried.
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    No problems here...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gtkansan View Post
    No problems here...
    Are you hosting your own Zimbra server or using a 3rd party? If you are using a hosting service, do you mind if I ask who it is?
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    Does anyone else have a success story with Zimbra and 1.4?
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    my company uses zimbra and all works great.
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    My university has its own servers (georgia tech).
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    My cable company uses zimbra for their email. how do i set this up to sync with it??

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