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    I have an Unlocked Palm Pre GSM QWERTZ model. It's on firmware 1.3.x and I just popped in my SIM card, but it doesn't seem to work. The network is detected fine. But it doesn't work with DATA :-(

    I then popped in my other SIM card from another carrier (TDC/Telmore) and the DATA on that one just worked out of the box. Is there somewhere on my phone I can change all this (Carrier/APN settings)? I know I can manually change this on the firmware 1.3.x but it doesn't save the settings, does this work on 1.4.x?

    Or how can I make this Pre use my new Carrier's APN settings, is there any kind of file on the device I can change?? Anybody that can help me?


    Rasmus, Denmark
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    You'll find information in this thread:

    You'll find step by step instructions on how to change the settings here:

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