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    So, I've been having the standard problem that people ooutside of launch countries seem to have of the app catalog starting up an dthen going into "could not complete the action"-mode and shutting down.

    This is somewhat annoying when trying to update installed applications via the update-app.

    Yesterday I figured out a way around this problem:

    1) Start app catalog
    2) Before it has the chance to enter "could not complete"-mode tap the installed applications button
    3) Wait until the catalog enters "could not complete"-mode
    4) Swipe back to get back to the catalog
    5) Go back in to the list of installed applications
    6) Your applications should now be updatable

    This has worked for me both for the Epocrates and Palm Facebook application on two different occations and I hope that it can help others in a similar position.
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    Good trick. But downloads could not be started. I'm getting download error...
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    If you use Updates and then tick "Show Updates" there should be no problem updating.
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    I just click on the Updates application and it will show application updates if available and they seem to be updatable.
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