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    Bought youview, think it's a great app. I especially like the conditional greetings and would like to use them but I don't want to have to manually enter all of my here's my problem.

    All of my contacts with phone numbers are only on my Pre and then, I suppose, Palm's cloud backup.

    I know youview can import contacts from google, but from what I can tell there's no way to export the my phone contacts to google. Selecting google for syncing doesn't seem to do this...only says new contacts will be sync'd.

    Youview has a contacts sync selection, but when I selected it, it only worked; my youview contact list sync'd to my Pre, but not from my Pre to youview.

    Ideally I'd like a non-patch solution to exporting my contacts to google as a secondary backup, but even just a non-patch method of syncing them to youview would be great.

    Any advice? I did a forums search but it seems like the only things I found involved patching, which I prefer not to do.
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    you have to go to youmail's web site , fill in your profile info and from there you can import your contacts from google and a few other methods.
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    I get that, but I don't know how to get my contacts' phone numbers from my Pre into google. Selecting google as a sync option doesn't seem to actually send the phone numbers into gmail/google.
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    I explained the method I used here.
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    The OP must have his phone contacts in the Palm Profile. He needs a way to export the contacts from the Palm Profile into Google Contacts.

    There were some posts on the forums that talked about a way to do it by exporting a database file, but it was somewhat involved and complicated.

    I don't know a way to do it other than one-by-one. You can email a contact, which will attach the contact as a vCard file, which can then be imported into Google. But of course that's a pain if you have hundreds of contacts.

    Anybody else got any ideas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    I explained the method I used here.
    I see you found a method that worked for you... Cool.
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    Yeah, if you use the patch I mentioned, it'll export ALL contacts (including Palm Profile) ones, via a single .vcf file.

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