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    Anyone else think their reception is any better in 1.4? Before 1.4 I could only get roaming in my office but post 1.4 I get at least one bar of EVDO. I don't know of any local network changes coincident with the update. This may just be faulty logic - "post hoc, ergo propter hoc" (after it, therefore because of it - always wanted to use that Latin from my school days). I don't recall seeing anything done in this part of the phone in 1.4.

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    It's possible there was a tweak to the radio software, though I didn't see that in any of the 1.4 news pieces. Any way to check the version number of the radio software against an earlier webOS release?

    Also, it's possible that webOS software updates include an automatic "Update Network Settings" event. I have no idea if this is true (or even what that function actually does), but it's a thought.
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    i also roamed ALOT b4 1.4

    now not SOOOO much

    especially in classes at skool. i get some evdo now =]
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    I'm going into 1x a lot now with 1.4, especially at my office.
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    I believe the sprint configuration was at 2.2 and now after 1.4 it's at 2.3.

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