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    Ok, Im not a computer guy, or any sort of electronic guy, by any means.

    Ive been in and out of hospitals the last couple weeks for numerous reasons. I was good installing preware and adjusting my phone to how and what I wanted. I knew my patches and what not had to be removed before the 1.4 update.

    Problem is my little cousin was playing on my phone when the Palm Update popped up, so he updated it for me.

    Now preware showed my downloaded patches but nothing was in effect and nothing new from preware to be added. I removed all my patches and apps manually threw preware, but Im still lost on how to get everything back.

    Ive tried reading threw all these numerous threads and pages, but most of this is all foreign to me.


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    bring down top menu from top right in preware and hit the update feeds and see if that works for you
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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