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    Not sure if anyone's been having this same issue, but ever since I updated to WebOS 1.4 on Sprint, my phone has been hit with random and erratic episodes of incredibly sluggish performance when responding to e-mail. The sluggishness gets so bad that I have to do a battery pull just to get the phone running again. This has happened three times now in the days since the 1.4 update came out last week.

    When I was on, I never had any problems like this. After the first time it happened, I used WebOS Doctor (1.4) to ensure a completely fresh install of WebOS 1.4, but the issue emerged again twice after I finished using WebOS Doctor. I haven't patched my phone or anything like that - ever. Is anyone else having similar problems? Is Palm even aware?
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    My whole phone is messed up after the download. Everything is slow or non-responsive. Please anyone let me know whats up!!!!!!!!!!
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    After the 1.4 update I feel that my Pre is a little slower specially with Email.
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    I have no probs with email after 1.4 ... in fact, it might just be a little snappier.

    How many accounts are you running ... currently I have 4 email accounts that the Pre pulls.

    Also, check to see how long you retain your emails. I only keep the last day's worth of email so the file does not get too big.
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    I have two exchange accounts, one gmail account, and one yahoo account. All seems fine for me. It's a little slow on swipping away a message but that's about it.
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    I only have one Gmail account linked to my phone. This is my "mobile" e-mail account. I probably should add that the sluggishness starts when I respond to an e-mail. I tried changing the settings to keep either one day's worth of e-mail or three (down from the pre-set 7 days), but still got the same result. As I type this, I'm running WebOS Doctor once again to see if that'll fix the issue.
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    I doctored my phone so i'm on a clean slate.. 4 email accounts and only a few emails in each since the wipe....

    50% of time it responds normally the other 50% i tap on an email account... and nothing phone is almost frozen.. 5-8 seconds later i tap again.. and it responds.

    it's almost like it's trying to clock the cpu up and down...
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    I've experienced this extreme slowdown ONLY when replying to emails with multiple replies. Reboots dont help. It seems to go away on its own after maybe a few minutes. I've experienced this a few times.
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    I've noticed the same slow down with mine and msn (hotmail)...I've only noticed it during the late afternoon...battery drain problem maybe?
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    it just happened again ... Tried replying to a friend (using an email that had multiple responses already) and the email program stopped dead in it's tracks ... Otherwise all is fine ... Had to do a battery pull too ...
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    I am also seeing sluggish performance with Exchange Activesync ever since I updated with 1.4
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    I'm surprised that this thread hasn't gotten any more responses than it has already. Hasn't anyone else been having this same problem? Seems like a problem that's easily reproducible and therefore is liable to be experienced by a great deal more users and get more exposure ...
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    No problems using Exchange ActiveSync or Apple IMAP.
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    My email does this too sometimes. You
    have to sit there and wait for
    the email to render. Very
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    earlier I posted that I thought it might be a battery issue...nope. It happened first thing this morning...
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    Are you talking about scrolling in the e-mail reply you are writing to? If so, that has happened to me since the 1.4 update - it is slow to scroll sometimes. I, too, think it has something to do with the length of the quoted messages in the reply, as I believe it has only happened when I write a specific friend e-mails and we tend to write back and forth throughout the day, which makes for a whole lot of quoted messages below our replies.

    Other than that, download and upload time for e-mail seems to be the same, but the e-mail app itself is a little snappier. And, of course, I'm loving the separate alert sounds for each e-mail box!
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    Update: Have since talked to Palm tech support about this issue, and the guy told me this was the first time they'd been made aware of it. He also said he'd forward the issue to Palm for further investigation. We'll see what comes out of this, if anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deek05 View Post
    I've noticed the same slow down with mine and msn (hotmail)...I've only noticed it during the late afternoon...battery drain problem maybe?
    Im having the same issue as well. ***!!!!!!
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    No problems with my 3 accounts; yahoo mail, hotmail and AOL.
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    Yes, same issue as many are having here. Happened to me for the first time last night. I have several Gmail accounts active. Replying to a conversation slowed the Pre to a crawl. Wonder if it is some sort of memory leak? I have no clue how to fix this as all was well with the last webOS version. Hope Palm can bring on a fix.
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