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    i have the menu-fade scrim patch which gets rid of the fade bar, and the messaging scrim with white font and a black scrim to replace the original feel of the messaging app. however, after installing the menu-fade scrim, the white messaging text field turned to the black scrim and now i cant see the text. is there a better solution than changing teh scrim to somehting lighter like changing the input font color to white or gray?
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    I am looking to do this as well. I can change the font color of the successfully sent messages but can't figure out how to change the font color in the text input field.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    how did you change the sent font color in the messaging app. step by step if u can. please n thanx
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    It happened to me a few months back, you have to Doc it.
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    You can change the input font color by editing the messaging.css:

    You may also want to create your own textfield-shadow.png file.

    add this CSS:
    #footer .palm-row-wrapper {
      -webkit-border-image: url(/media/internal/scrims/textfield-shadow.png) 10 10 10 10 stretch stretch !important;
      background-color: #446097 !important;
    #footer .focused .hint-text,
    #footer  .textfield-group.focused .hint-text,
    #footer .focused .multiline-hint-text {
      color: #FFBF7F !important;
    #messageContainer textarea {
      height: 24px;
      color: #fff;

    Hope this helps!

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