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    I can't find a record of anyone else having this issue. I recently got a replacement phone and upgraded to 1.4. Whenever I am either shooting video or taking picture if an email comes in the notification kicks my camera app into card mode and stops my video or ability to take pictures. If I then try to maximize the camera card again it won't load the camera and I have to close and reopen it.

    Anyone else have the occur?
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    im having the same issue as with any notification, if it comes up in the dashboard, it stops camera use, even when recording. in fact when its recording, it pauses the camera app, saves the video of what you recorded and then you have to start over. anyone else have this issue? its only happened a few times to care or notice but nonetheless, could this be a bug? or induced by patch?
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    It's basically with any notification. I believe it's been reported to Palm.
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    Yes, that's exactly the issue I'm having. Glad to know I'm not alone but it's quite frustrating especially as I'm trying to capture something cute my daughter is doing.
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    Just put your Pre in "airplane mode" when shooting a video for now.
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    I'm having a problem replicating this issue. Is there something I am missing? Can someone list exact steps to reproduce.
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