Ok. So a strange thing happened to me. I got a couple of email notifications from facebook telling me that some friends had commented on a video that I'd uploaded. Which is kinda cool, except for one important thing. I hadn't uploaded a video.

It turns out that my son, who has a pixi, had uploaded a video to my facebook account.

Back when I was doing some testing of my son's Pixi, I had added my facebook account to the phone to see how well it worked compared to my Pre. After I was done, I made sure to delete my facebook account from everything I could think of. But it turns out I hadn't removed it completely.

So I went into the video app to try and remove the account from there. Except that there's no "Accounts & Preferences" option like in photos. I puzzled for a while trying to figure out how to remove the account.

What I finally ended up doing was downloading the facebook app, and removing the account from there. Which then removed it from the video's app.

My point: be very careful with facebook. It's harder than normal to remove from synergy.