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    I was wondering what the optimal settings were for Hotmail mail on the Palm Pre? I've noticed that after I hit the send/receive button it could take 5-10 minutes before I get mail that I have already received on my PC. My old Palm Centro would get mail returned immediately after hitting the send/receive button.

    Not a complaint, just wondering if there's a setting somewhere that could speed up the delivery of my Hotmail email on my Palm Pre.

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    I've started noticing that on my Hotmail account, the warning icon next to the new messages number shows up a lot ever since 1.4.0 came down. I assume it's either a sync or password error, but the mail keeps showing up so I've only done a little digging. The only difference I've found between the Hotmail settings on the Pre and if you look at how Hotmail is set up with other programs is the outgoing mail server. The server is the same, but the Pre uses TLS encryption and port 587, while Hotmail says to use SSL and port 25. I'm guessing Palm doesn't want to use the standard outgoing email port to avoid any easy exploitation, but that too is a complete assumption. Have you tried deleting and re-adding the account? That's my next step...
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    I've deleted and re-added my hotmail account, and it was a mess. The phone wouldn't delete it totally (it left only the drafts folder) for a while, and I couldn't re-add because it "already exists". Finally, it deleted when I was doing something else and turned on the LED flashlight... re-added and there is no difference, still getting the error logo and slow sync/no server delete.
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    I just posted a new thread about this before seeing this one. So I've given up on the Hotmail/Pre combo as it just does not work well at all. I have had the same issues as you since the updates to 1.4 and yesterday I was just done with it. Fortunately I have a Gmail account which works beautifully with the Pre. I would strongly suggest opening a Gmail account, forwarding all your Hotmail to your Gmail account, and then deleting your Hotmail from your Pre. I did this and I'm much happier.

    However, I do have the issue you mentioned...not all of the Hotmail account will delete from my Pre. For some reason, it keeps the Hotmail Outbox listed under my email accounts. Other than just a visual annoyance, this hasn't caused any syncing problems or anything. My hope is that eventually i'll find a way to completely remove it from my phone but I'm much happier using Gmail only on my phone. It updates perfectly, no triangle with the exlamation point, etc.

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