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    Can someone please help me understand this better?

    "Keep Wi-Fi On" - Best for prolonging battery life in most cases

    "Turn Wi-Fi Off" - May provide beter battery life when conected to some Wi-Fi Networks.

    I'm assuming the one that says On keeps my Wi-Fi on at all times? If so this thing is broken. Until the update I was able to have my wi-fi on even when the screen was off, I get no reception at my job so I rely on Wi-Fi alone.

    Basically I need to know which one keeps my Wi-Fi on all day the way it did before 1.4.

    Am I wrong? Should it be set to Off?
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    off only turns it off if you put the phone to sleep. If you have it on the charger it will still be on.
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    I have mine set to go off when the phone sleeps. When I leave my house I just flat out turn it off because I really only use it at home.
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    What I mean by sleep, my phone lcd turns off the phone is still on just in airplane mode w/wifi on.
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    Mine has also being going off since 1.4.....i thought i was the only does it sporadically......Like. sometimes it does it and sometimes it doesnt do it.
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    I use WIFI all day. At the office and at home and I have set the sleep mode to "ON". But several times, when I took my Pre to look something up after a while:

    The Wifi-Symbol is GONE and turns after a second.

    The Sleep-Setting must be broken IMO. I checked the settings several times and did a reset also.

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    Could it also be, that after an outage of WiFi, the Pre doesn`t reconnect, because the interval time to search for WiFi might be longer (since 1.4.0 maybe to increase battery life) ???

    But then, the WiFi-Symbol should just be darker and not completely gone, when I turn on my Pre!?

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