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    If I restart the phone for any reason I have to launch the dialer and then close it as well as the messaging app or I will not get calls or txts. The google voice mobile site does not display correctly now and there is still no API for Gdial...

    So other than basic phone fuctions being disrupted... The update is AWESOME! <sarcasm>

    At least I get to watch some great splash screens while I wait for apps to load.

    I'm looking for to the bug fix release...
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    Quote Originally Posted by lawdawgmon View Post

    At least I get to watch some great splash screens while I wait for apps to load.
    lmao...i hate that stupid splash screen too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lawdawgmon View Post
    I'm looking for to the bug fix release...
    I've been looking forward to that since last June.
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    we asked for video recorder. got that good. splash screen no. that was a waste of time. contact improvement cool but wasnt really needed now. still waiting on the basic features we have been asking for.
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    I like the new update. I have enjoyed the video recording and the snappier web browser. Other thsn that_ I don't notice a difference. When the full flash support kicks in, it will become a geat update.
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    so there are only 66 pre users?
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    I just got it today (canada) so far great, no issues, the speed improved (take into account I was running the 800 patch on 1.3.5 - beta test group) and I am ok with going back to 600 on the 1.4. To early to comment on battery but I am really happy with the update.
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    It gets a big thumbs up from me. Video recording is great, web speed has improved, and overall the system seems snappier. Yes, there are still issues to be addressed (memory leak, anyone?), but overall, this update works as advertised on my Pre. It's worth noting, however, that I did doctor it after the initial update because I couldn't download apps from the App Store, but other than that glitch, it's been smooth sailing.

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    I'm very happy with the update.

    The phone is massively faster.

    Battery life is also much improved.

    I have had a few niggles.

    I have had the luna restart on three or four occasions, although none in the last two or three days.

    I have the lock screen issue which can be traced to Preware. Basically, if Preware needs updating or some other system files in Preware then the lock screen stops working properly and I need to do a reboot.

    Twice I have had the audio mute itself, but again not for a few days now.

    Sometimes when opening the email program I get a list page showing my two accounts and offering me the opportunity to add an account. I just have to click done and I'm in.

    These are only minor issues though.

    Overall, I am thrilled with the update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warblad13 View Post
    the only problem i have is that its been restarting about 3 time a day. hope they fix this soon.
    a full erase fixed that for me. Had 3 the day I updated. Have had none since the full erase.
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    I feel the experience has improved greatly. Of course we can all find something we don't like if we look hard enough, but we can also find the answers to improve them if we try hard to....

    I love preware and the patches there
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    Here are my new bugs [Also, yes, I ran a fresh WebosDoctor install and did not have ANY patches installed when these bugs first occurred therefore I know that it's not patches or a past install causing an issue.]:

    -Receiving another text while the phone is still vibrating from the last text causes the phone to vibrate out of control and freeze for a good ten seconds

    -random luna restarts and even complete phone restarts for no reason with nothing open, no new messages/emails, just with the phone sitting on the desk

    -intermittent problems staying connected to certain Wifi networks that I never had a problem with before

    -intermittent problem where if I turn the screen on the little lock icon will be there but the rest of the screen will be as if it's not locked. Also the lock is unable to be moved to unlock the phone

    -unable to complete installs on certain apps even though the app store says it's installed

    -also, although I have not had any service issues, I do notice that the 'bars' tend to fluctuate between 1 and 5 more often now

    -intermittent problem where when i open my phone the screen wont turn on at all. it will stay blank no matter what I do then all the sudden turn on just fine.

    -every once in a while when I click the email app it will go to the screen showing which email accounts I have as if I just submitted the account. I can then either click done or add account. Annoying.

    While I understand that there was NO way Palm could push back the release of 1.4, and I understand they are a small company trying to compete with two huge ones- they need to understand that they can only do so much.

    1.4 contained over 85 different changes [or so I read], which is great. The problem is that it's painfully OBVIOUS 1.4 did not go through enough testing.

    I love Palm, and I will stick by them, but they bit off more than they could chew for this update and because of that, they have to go behind and make fixes instead of completely focusing on 1.5.
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    The only problems I had with 1.4 were not because of Palm but because some of my patches didn't work or didn't work correctly and Preware was getting deluged by all of us trying to update at the same time.

    Only real weridness is with the Camera that seems to get wonky at times

    And the only change that looks to be intentional that I don't like is my lost pinch control of PDFs.
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    I'm also getting random restarts several times a day now. Battery life is all over the spectrum, but mostly worse. Other than that- all is snappier.
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    no problems to speak of
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    I'd say the 1.4 update was a good one. The biggest thing for me is the downloading sppeds which seem to be about twice as fast for most things, if not more. The Web browser doesn't seem that much faster to me, but downloading files (especially through email and using DrPodder) absolutely flies.

    I've had a few issues, but can we really be certain these issues are 1.4 related considering how much tweeking and patching we're doing to our phones? Everytime you do anything using Preware or webosQI you're told it is changing the sytem files of this and that, and asks are you sure. That seems to this not-so-power user to mean we're taking the health of our devise in our hands and the responsibility is our own when things go wrong. I'd be curious to see how a stock Pre acts after the 1.4 update.

    I don't mean to say anyone is wrong, and for all I know the latest update was bad/incomplete in some areas. I just really like Palm and the devises I've owned, and I hate adding to the doom and gloom. I found myself worrying the other night that I'd bought a phone made by a company that won't exist a year from now (although they'll probably get bought before the go out of business). It's like owning a Saturn: who are you gonna call when it breaks down?!

    I'm really happy with my phone and glad about the decision I made to buy it. I think it gets better with every update, patch and app released. Don't let a few bugs and the slowness of development sour you on a really great devise. Seriously, I look at the Droid and the iPhone and wonder if I could ever go to that platform after being so happy with webOS.
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