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    Since 1.4 every so often I stop getting emails and texts. When I go into the email program, it lists my email account and asks if I want to add it. As soon as I add it, I start getting emails and texts. Anyone else having this issue??? It is an exchange account - if that matters??
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    I have noticed when opening the email app, that I go straight to the add email accounts page. My gmail account is listed already, I click through and a bunch of emails are in there that I wasn't notified of, awesome!
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    same thing here. I just uninstalled preware and the package manager to see if that fixes it. I have already doctored twice.
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    Not when I open the email program. But I had that screen several times when sending a mail from within a different app.
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    I am seeing the same thing when I go to email from another app, like sharing a page from the web browser, anyone have any insight on what is going on there. It is surely related to 1.4 updates.
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    Mine keeps re-adding itself? Every so often I'll get a new email and it tells me I have 400+ new unread email notifications as if it's the first time it's checked my email.
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    I have the same problem as the op account is listed but not in use
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    It hasn't happened to be again after uninstalling Preware and Package Manager, I just use WOSQI.
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    This is a bug that was introduced with the 1.4 update. It happens to me as well

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