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    Quote Originally Posted by BMIC50 View Post
    Hey, what if there was an EPR that also erased the Package Manager and Preware, but left a log/file that can help Preware reinstall all patches once you reinstall Preware?
    Yea, can someone make a patch called - "Take your pre for repair"TM
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    Call sprint ask for retentions and tell them you are leaving Sprint if they don't resolve this issue. I promise you they will send you a new phone without question. Sometimes with Sprint you have to wade through all the B.S. to get anything done. For some reason these tools they hire think they need to make a statement.
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    Well... if you simply Doctor the phone and go back to a different location, even if they see a "notation" in your account, they can't prove anything. There are some reps out there (not Kytton ) who are a little to into the power trip of being able to say 'no'. Just doctor it, take it to another location and tell them the other person was nuts.
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    In my eyes, Sprint's only current problem is how they're starting to handle replacements/repairs.

    They used to except anything, I agree they shouldn't do that but now they're going TOO FAR in the other direction.

    I had an issue with my Pre not getting texts... the lady asks to see my phone and inspects it with a magnifying glass to see if there are any cracks or scratches.

    I wish that last sentence was a joke.

    Sprint has improved in every area but not they're getting worse in this area. :Shrug:
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    Just took my Pre in for a look at my UP volume button (not working). They said they'd have to order a part and gave the phone back to me. I turned the phone on and they left the filecoaster app open. Hmmmmm
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    I took mine in today because:

    1) Sometimes when I press the phone to my ear, the audio goes out and screen go blank until I move it away from my ear
    2) Will sometimes awake in the morning to a dead Pre, and the only way to get it back on is to pull the battery
    3) The headphone mode issue
    4) Today, the volume indicator kept showing up randomly. Rebooting did not fix this

    I dropped it off, and they called me 20 minutes later saying it was "fixed." I'm fairly certain it was just a hard reset, if that. But they couldn't tell me what the "tech" did to resolve the issues. Since they are all issues that are hard to replicate, he probably looked at it, didn't experience any of the problems, and marked it "resolved."
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    Isnt the screen supposed to black out when its next to your ear ?
    I thought it was and this is kinda annoying, when you need to use the dial pad or do other things while on the phone, even my finger makes it go blank - if its not then please advise and both mine and the wifes will be returned asap!!!!!

    I was told by a rep, they didnt care if you installed things on it, and it wouldnt void the warranty, but with the sorry *** bunch at my local sprint store, Id never chance it!
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    I dunno, I never really noticed if it did or not I only snuck a glance when the sound and mic started cutting out when it was next to my ear. Of course, it doesn't happen every time, so it's tough to go to the store and claim its happening.
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    Mine goes blank when next to my ear, but fires right up when I pull it away to use the keyboard for an entry. Also lights up when a caller hangs up, and I go to press the end button. Blank when stuck to the side of my head, where I don't have eyeballs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kytton View Post

    ..Wow. I'm sorry. did they verify? Did they ask you to bring in your car charger? Were your charging port or prongs bent? .. dang. That's pretty bad. Sounds like they were over on their Exchange Budget..
    he asked what kind of charge i was using, i told him one i got from some store. he asked for me to bring it in so i did and thats when he got all excited and told me its my fault.

    its almost like he got a kick off of "shutting me down"

    i mind you this has been a few years back, i think it was before the PPC 6700 i had
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrloserpunk View Post
    since when do the repair stores even attempt to repair the pre?

    Last I knew they were not allowed to open it....
    My local repair shop opened it and replaced a part that supposedly helped the oreo twist. It didn't do much, but they did have to open it and it took about 30 min to complete.
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