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    Quote Originally Posted by sketch42 View Post
    Sounds like you got a ****... because any REAL tech knows that software can not corrupt hardware unless its specifically made to interact with the board.. which preware is not... its like saying Windows media Player fried my Motherboard... Ummm NO it Didnt...
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    My store exchanged my Pre (crack in the lower right corner) with Preware, unofficial apps and hacks on it.
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    they denied a phone i had purchased not 90 days earlier that went bad because i did not use a Sprint car charger.

    i *****ed for an hour at this lady on the phone until she gave in and ordered me a replacement.
    Pre be with you.

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    sound like it's your store man. Find another and egg the crappy store after close...... Fyi, that's not really the good thing to do, but it'll make you feel better about the longer drive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzard Jr View Post
    they denied a phone i had purchased not 90 days earlier that went bad because i did not use a Sprint car charger.

    ..Wow. I'm sorry. did they verify? Did they ask you to bring in your car charger? Were your charging port or prongs bent? .. dang. That's pretty bad. Sounds like they were over on their Exchange Budget..
    Sprint Technical Consultant
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kytton View Post

    ..Wow. I'm sorry. did they verify? Did they ask you to bring in your car charger? Were your charging port or prongs bent? .. dang. That's pretty bad. Sounds like they were over on their Exchange Budget..
    If my phone ever needs repair i should ship it to your store. sounds like your the kinda rep everyone wants (not a ****ty one) haha
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    I had the same problem.. Touch screen was unresponsive but because I accidentally had left 5 launcher pages in there they wouldn't exchange it out.. After they tried to doctor it still had 5 pages so they said that I would have to file a claim with insurance..

    I finally figured out what was going on (palm preferences were saving my page number, so when it loaded my settings it loaded 5 pages), and when i took it back, even tho it was noted that I had "changed the ROM" they still replaced it. Even if it is noted it still depends on the person you are talking to as to what they will do.

    I would say try once or twice more to get someone who isn't a jerk and will exchange it.
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    I'm thankful that both techs and the sprint repair store I go to have hack pre's....they have never said anything about my patches,themes,preware,non official apps... Just tell me to come back in 45 min.
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    When I had to return one, the tech asked me about the dev mode program after a quick scan through all my app pages. He asked because he was interested in installing it on his since he follows here on P|C.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nmoreman View Post
    Allegedly the guy "notated" it so nothing can be done to it in the future. Kinda like when something shows wet, you can't go to another store and try again.

    I made the comment that I would doctor it and try again in the future if it broke, remove everything, and that's when he said a comment about noting it. I asked why I then pay to have insurance if they won't look at it - he said it was cheaper to buy phone thru it that way than outright - GRRR. Everything I have is Preware, don't buy apps, just tweak and patch for fun improvements. Well, hope it holds up.
    Call Sprint. Let them know that Palm has tacitly endorsed Precentral mods. Let them know you won't be returning if this issue isn't resolved. If that doesn't work, ask to speak to a supervisor. Repeat. You'll get the notation removed, and the notation removed. Insist politely.
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    BTW, Homebrew applications have been explicitly endorsed by Palm.

    When NANplayer (I think it was called) was denied for the App Cat (I also forget when this was), Palm said they were happy for it to continue as Homebrew. That it never was released as a Homebrew (right?) is irrelevant.

    Second, at CES this year, the woman that spoke (I forget her name, but I remember her boots) specifically thanked the Homebrew community.
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    my insurance was denied for a letter-skipping keyboard because the screen was cracked. it sounds like the reps are under pressure to deny claims if possible. the techs also noted for me that i had tethering installed. again, no bearing on why my keyboard didn't work but it was brought up before the denial. heard that $tuff and switched companies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scoobdude View Post
    magnasun moss act<sp>

    learn it
    live it
    USE IT

    It basically states that THEY have to prove something is the culprit to deny warranty. In the car industry it kind works like if you add new tires that are not approved, they cannot deny warranty work on your a/c etc. But if the rims caused the hubs to wear wrong...well then they have a case.

    In your case, s/w is something that cannot affect hardware. But they can ask you to remove the software or refresh the device to factory specs.
    except it sounds like he brought it in for software issues-
    "battery life had dropped by half this week, email and message screens open upside down"

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoundSand View Post
    except it sounds like he brought it in for software issues-
    "battery life had dropped by half this week, email and message screens open upside down"

    Yeah, if that were the case, no company that I know of is going to repair the product for free. Something you did damaged it, they won't be held liable for fixing your mistake. Palm states that pretty clearly on the warranty support page. Even though they provide the app catalog, all warranty or OS damage caused by an application has to be covered by the app provider. If Preware botches your phone, neither Palm or Sprint can be held liable for fixing the damage, even if it were available through the official app catalog. The makers of Preware have to do it.

    FWIW, store-brand computers like Dell are the same. If you buy a system, get it home, take Norton or whatever off and install Avast or other free AV software, Dell ain't gonna fix your OS issues if you do get a virus. You're not using the software they gave you. Same with musical equipment. Buy a guitar from me that's set up with 9's, take it home and throw a super heavy gauge string on, the manufacturer can, and mostly will, decline to repair the warped neck after a month or two. You did something out of spec.

    Not saying I agree with this sometimes, I've had bad products come back to me that the manufacturer refused to repair or replace for no apparent reason. If I think its something that needs to be addressed, I'll do it myself and eat the cost, then. But I do understand why they do it. If I do a sound gig, and it doesn't meet your expectations, I'm not going to NOT charge you........when I can prove the problem wasn't in my work, the problem is you suck badly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nmoreman View Post
    Today I took my Pre in for a tuneup before vacation - battery life had dropped by half this week, email and message screens open upside down, no idea why.

    Anyway, the Repair Store declined to look at my Pre or do anything to it because it had Preware - third party applications - not sanctioned by Palm or Sprint.

    They in particular noticed the Developer Mode button and battery percent. Since I had "hacked" it, they will notate this. Allegedly it has fried my software and there will be no more repairs on it. If it needs replaced, I will pay insurance deductible.

    I'm not happy, I'm downloading 1.4 and might fix, can live with wierdness, but do not like being told Preware, WOSQI is bad, and webdoctorSprint is bad.

    So has anyone had any experience - I might or might not need repairs in the future, but it looks like the only way is to call Exec Desk and whine if I do, or shell out $100 after paying monthly forever. This is why I do that.

    Has anyone else had this happen? What do you do if you need repair? Its not like Preware is writing and changing codes.
    I don't want to be the negative one here but what ever prompted you to take a hacked phone into Sprint for a "tuneup". If you are modifying the official software and bring the phone in for a software related issue then of course they are not going to work on it for free. Now, if you had taken it in for an obvious hardware problem then maybe they would have overlooked this.

    I do feel for you because I know the response sucked and Sprint could (and should) have handled it differently. However, you modified your phone and as such you should have known better than to do what you did.

    The magnusson moss act does not apply here. The intent of magnusson moss is to prevent dealers and manufacturers from forcing you to return to them for maintenance and has little to do with aftermarket parts, which would be the intent here.
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    I appreciate all your feedback on the above. I decided to call Sprint discuss the notations like hparsons suggested above (sent thanks to you for suggestion).

    The dude was more interested in lecturing me - he made no notations. I asked first Tech Support person who transferred me to another to verify my account and service center visit. The only note was from the checkin gal, so didn't make any, so I didn't have to nicely argue about why they should be removed. He really did an awful job, but in those case, no damage to me.

    So to another store if I have problem in future.

    Also to those who made comments about me being stupid (all worded kindly), you are probably right, didn't even think about having patches on phone, so if I have to go back, that won't happen again - thanks for letting me know better. I hate doctoring, so it will be serious before I show up.

    And lastly, I also agree with hparsons, I tried nicly to tell the guy, Homebrew is not a bad thing, it is not a new rom, it is not what I term a hack (like some of the options). My
    phone has patches, not code changes. I do see there point, but it would be nice to have a discussion without being rejected. Oh well, I always say out of 100 employees, you always have the best to the worst. I just got the worst. Wish they would call me for survey . . . then I would feel better!!

    1.4 update went great for me, updated PRL, other settings, so hopefully battery improves, if not, will visit another service store for backup battery!!
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    Its funny Preware isn't sanctioned Palm then why do they allow you to download official apps from it?
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    Depends on the store but the safe bet is to remove your tweaks/Preware prior to returning for repair.
    Achill3s' Palm Pre: Modded and patched to death!!
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    Patches ARE code changes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by casiouser View Post
    Its funny Preware isn't sanctioned Palm then why do they allow you to download official apps from it?
    Allowing use of software (or hardware, for that matter) not tested by Palm doesn't equal sanctioned. Preware requires WebOSQuickInstall installed while in Dev Mode, which is definitely not supported by Palm for end users like you and me. Palm service centers have some leeway with official apps through the Palm App Catalog, those apps have been tested and approved as working by Palm. Beta apps available through Preware haven't gone through that process, Palm won't do anything to help you if you have obvious unproven software installed. Even here......

    1. All apps are provided AS IS and does not warrant that they will work, work properly, or hurt your device. is not responsible for anything that happens to your Pre as a result of the software you download here.

    Even the prime location for beta apps available through Preware (or any other installer) doesn't support the apps, that's up to the developer of the app. Give Palm a break on that one, even if you have no clue where to find WebOSDoctor, they've got an online version on their corporate site. They won't support the phone with unapproved stuff on it, but they'll provide a tool to reset if you need to.

    Look at it this way. Last time I bothered to check, end of June last year, 300,000 Pres had been sold. There's over 3000 apps and patches in Preware, apart from the official store, that Palm would have to troublshoot just for you. No. They're not going to do that. BIG BOLD DISCLAIMER here. If you install a beta app or OS patch, even on a home computer, you take all responsibility.
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